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Saturday 1 June 2013

More mini beasts

I realise that it's been a while since I last made a post; a very good sign of the times - we are incredibly busy at work and I've been putting in twelve hour shifts, just to help out (you know the score). I go to work for a very simple reason - MONEY! If there is a chance to earn a few dollars more, then I'm a very willing volunteer. This particular wind-fall will pay for my Cinque Ports AS ticket - so there is method in my madness?
Holly Blue - 1st generation female
The garden has continued to provide the bulk of my sightings, with many species of invertebrates being seen in the late afternoons. I haven't bothered running the moth trap, news from Gadget, Franny and Phil being that I've not missed much. I have spent quite a while pointing the camera at various garden visitors, with very variable results as to be expected with the ever changing conditions. My first Painted Lady of 2013 was flushed from the footpath by the Old Rose Garden as I walked home on Friday afternoon.
Hoverfly - Myathropa florea

The local Starlings have been very successful with 100's of birds, the vast majority being newly fledged, feeding out on the Ellington Girls School playing field, however summer migrants remain very scarce. A Blackcap is holding territory around the garden of Newland's Farm but there are no Whitethroats to be found and the Swallows, which use the tractor shed, have yet to appear! Swifts are sporadically seen, high overhead, but not in any numbers. This crazy weather appears to have had a catastrophic effect on our local wildlife.

Common Green Shield Bug - Palomena prasina

Narcissus Fly - Merodon equestris

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