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Wednesday 12 June 2013

I know so little - but still look

In the brutal world of factory life I was taken to task when, after The Red Arrows had flown over the factory - en route to Manston, I admitted that I knew nothing of aircraft mechanics, yet still found the sight and sounds of military aircraft fascinating. Steve C. (everyone who works at FSIS will know to whom I refer) gave me a hard time - "that's the first time I've ever heard you admit that you don't know about something - you know everything you "big-headed" c**t!" A charming man - no, really; this is how we pass our days - mutual disrespect and pig-headed rudeness. If you can't stand the heat?
A Typhoon Eurofighter landing at Manston - a fantastic sight and sound
The military aircraft of WW II are very dear to my heart, the sound of a Rolls Royce Merlin or Griffon engine being akin to Led Zep playing Stairway to Heaven. The Olympus engines of XH558 - our National Heritage - the last flying Vulcan Bomber, have the ability to rattle my inner soul. Childhood memories of an encounter with this iconic aircraft - I couldn't understand why we needed to paint Concorde in cammo?
XH 558 - at the Margate "Big Event" 2011
The sight of the Red Arrows fills me with pride - the finest advert for the RAF - the finest advert for the UK armed forces; Top Guns indeed!
The Red Arrows at Margate - an image I am rather proud of.
I'm more than happy to admit that this technology is way beyond my comprehension - my joy is very simple; the sight and sound (much like modern motorbikes) is capable of conjuring childhood emotions. It is the Manston Airshow next weekend, the first time in 21 years! - the big news being that the Vulcan (XH558) will be flying into Manston at 16.30hrs on Saturday 15th June and will  remain on site for the week leading up to the event. I have a plan! I will be at whichever end of the runway, wind direction dictating, I need to be in order to witness the arrival of this magnificent aircraft at our Thanet airport.

Obviously the history of Manston will mean that the BBMF will be taking part in proceedings - the airfield being the most attacked during the hostilities. I have been exceptionally privileged to be able to grab shots of a Supermarine Spitfire from the comfort of North Foreland - most others require a helping hand.

Happy birthday Dad!

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