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Friday 24 September 2021

Garden Vis Mig and more

Life has been a little hectic, to say the least, just recently. However, thankfully, it would appear that we've endured the worst and things can only get easier from here on in? Our bedroom is almost back to normal, just the "spare room" and our Summer House requiring some serious furniture movements in order for the finishing line to be crossed. I've spent the majority of my spare time, enjoying myself, out in the garden, pretending to be a carpenter, whilst keeping an ever watchful eye on the sky. 
Wednesday, 22nd September, will stick in my memory for a good while. Outside by 07.20 hrs, I was constantly serenaded by the flight calls of Meadow Pipits as they moved steadily N/NW overhead. It wasn't too much later, however, when the real action started. Hirundines were moving N in unprecedented numbers. What made it even more crazy was the fact that House Martins outnumbered Swallows by a ratio of 4:1. I make no claim for these figures to be accurate, as I had to do some odd jobs for the decorator but, between 07.45 hrs & 09.20 hrs, my rough counts had produced 2,300 House Martins & 550 Swallows. 

Chiffchaffs and the odd Blackcap continue to pass along the Vine Close gardens, more often heard than seen. A flock of eight Common Buzzards moved SW on Thursday morning but, for a few Meadow Pipits, little else occurred. 

This morning was been spent getting the bedroom back into some type of order yet, by 12.30 hrs, Bev & I had completed our tasks and I was able to get back outside. A superb juvenile Peregrine put in a quick cameo appereance, whilst Sparrowhawk and Common Buzzard just confirmed the Autumn's progression, as they moved steadily SW overhead.

I've accompanied this post with some of the regular garden birds which make up 90% of my garden encounters. Nothing too spectacular, they still provide me with a great deal of pleasure whilst awaiting something a little more exotic!

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