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Saturday 1 August 2020

Nice touch

I have no idea who is behind this Spitfire NHS tribute but thank them for their efforts. I learnt about the fly over at Margate QEQM Hospital on Thursday, so was able to make arrangements to be on site, this morning, in plenty of time to find myself a decent vantage point. No surprise that many other local folk had also made the effort to see this wonderful aircraft, adorned with its' "THANK U NHS" logo emblazened on the underside of those trademark wings. 

The plane was over the hospital for no more than a minute, but that was plenty of time for everyone present to grab their photos and a spontaneous round of applause broke out as the Spitfire headed off towards Dover on the next leg of the flight. Social distancing was observed, without any bother, and the mood was one of community and celebration - a nice vibe amongst those present.


  1. Dyl, whenever I see anything involving the Spitfire, I think of how contented my late father was in that he fulfilled the only ambition that he ever had, which was to fly one.
    He did, just the once, in Burma aged twenty. Job done.

    1. Ric,
      They are incredibly symbolic aircraft, especially to our parents generation. My Dad never got to fly in one, although he did manage to have a flight in the Canadian Air Force Lancaster! Foe his 80th birthday, we got him a helicopter ride, accompanying a Spitfire which he thoroughly enjoyed.
      The sight and sound of these magnificent machines is something I'll never tire of experiencing. Just a shame the Vulcan is no longer airworthy, as that is the plane that really hits the mark for me!