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Saturday, 28 September 2019

Got it wrong - nothing new there then?

Whilst on Kefalonia, travelling around with Craig, I kept telling him about my desire to see a Honey Buzzard in 2019. As you might guess, I failed and thought that my chance had gone. What did I know?  On the 1st September I'd blogged about the movement of Common Buzzards over Thanet and accompanied my post with a couple of images of one of the birds and thought no more of it. Fortunately one of my fellow bloggers, Stewart Sexton (author of Stewchat) made comment on this bird and offered an alternative id. Yep, you've guessed it, a bloody Honey Buzzard, from my back garden and I'd screwed it up. Having revisited the series of images that I captured on that morning it is now glaringly obvious that the bird concerned is a juvenile Honey Buzzard and I got it completely wrong.


I've no problems with being corrected, especially by someone for who I have the greatest respect, so thank you Stewart. However, I do have a crumb of comfort in the fact that the photos have been looked at by many hundreds of visitors to my blog and no-one else spotted my cock up? This is also an excuse, if one were needed, to post a couple more images of Common Buzzard that I managed whilst away, which allows a decent comparison of the structure and physique of the two species.


  1. Man, what a bird to get from the garden. I'd give my right arm for a view like that in Northumberland!

    1. If such things were possible, I'd happily swap this sighting for one of your garden Tree Sparrows! My only garden sighting of that species was in the autumn of 2004 and the last Thanet bird, I saw, was early spring 2011.
      Thanks once again and good luck with the North v's South challenge

  2. It just shows that contxt is everything. Tree Spug is my commonest garden bird!