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Sunday, 1 September 2019

Odds, sods and other trivia

Friday, mid-day, my 1956 Hardy "Palakona" Perfection Roach rod came back from Steve Boncey, the skilled craftsman, who'd undertaken the restoration after my stupidity had caused a previous repair to fail. All I will say, for now, is that I don't think the rod could have looked any better when it was brand new? There will be a post about this restoration project when I've had time to get a few photos to accompany my thoughts, Steve's a bloody genius, the rod being absolutely perfect.
Still lots going on around the garden feeding station and in the skies above. After a day off, this morning dawned bright and clear which resulted in at least twenty-four Common Buzzards moving South, or South West, being seen from the garden. The vast majority were way over to the West of Dumpton, yet I still managed to grab a few images of a very dark-phase bird which flew directly over the bungalow.

I finished the session with 24 Common Buzzard, 2 Kestrel, 5/6 Sparrowhawk, 7 Cormorant and an adult Peregrine, plus a lone House Martin which headed north?


  1. Hi Dylan, I hope you dont mind this but I reckon your Buzzard is a dark phase juvenile Honey Buzzard. The bill and head shape, the tail patterning with the barring on undertail covs, looks the part to me? What do you think?


    1. Hi mate,
      Great to hear from you, it's been quite while! Absolutely no problem with your "correcting" my Common Buzzard id. I have no issues with being told that I've made an error and now, it's been pointed out, will address the situation with another post.
      As angling has become my main driver, the birding has taken a lesser role to the extent that I've become very rusty - bird blind if you like?
      Having re-examined the series of images that I took, it is glaringly obvious that the bird is a Honey Buzzard, as you will see when I offer my thoughts in the resultant post.
      Thanks once again - take care - Dylan