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Friday 7 June 2019

Scamps at dawn

I couldn't resist just one last bash at Homersham, this morning. Barry Shaw had given me the heads up, as to how good early mornings were at the venue, and that's why I'd made the effort on Tuesday. Knowing that this coming weekend is already booked solid, I grabbed this final opportunity to cast a floating bait onto the surface of this ridiculously easy "carp puddle". Just as before, I was at the fishery before 04.30 hrs and watched the sun rise over the eastern horizon as I prepared my kit for the coming session.

Sunrise over the East Kent marshes, as seen from Homersham Lake looking across towards St. Nicholas at Wade
The dawn was spectacular, although there was far more cloud and a moderate breeze, rain being forecast by 08.00 hrs. A very accurate prediction and catalyst to my returning home as it turned out. With nothing to prove, or lose, I went through my well rehearsed routine and ended the session with a further eleven carp to add to my tally. Absolutely fantastic fun and the place to myself - angling heaven!

One of the Common Terns hunting in the half light of early morning
A pair of Common Terns put in a couple of appearances and three Black-headed Gulls (moulting adults) were my first for some while. At least four Cuckoos, three males and a female, a Turtle Dove, Yellow Wagtails, Reed Buntings and many other bird species were constantly on the move around the adjacent farmland and hedgerows. It was a pleasure to be outside, fishing was just the excuse.
As I mentioned, eleven carp fell to my very simple tactics, seven Commons, four Mirrors, the best fish weighing in at 12 lbs 9 oz making it my eighth double for this project.
No bank sticks, bivvy, bite alarms or boilies - just a, hand held, single rod, a controller float, 6 lbs bs line and a barbless hook baited with a cube of wholemeal bread. It was a  matter of concentrating on getting the simple things right; find the fish, accurate baiting and casting, then let the carp gods do the rest!

A feisty scamp posing on the unhooking mat
My eighth double of the campaign - happy days
If I can be arsed, I might write a post about the tackle and techniques I've been using - but please don't hold your breathe.

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