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Saturday, 2 March 2019

That's better

Life is a very complex mixture at present. As I alluded to, in a previous offering, blogging isn't a priority during this present situation but I'm confident normality will be resumed in the, not too distant, future. Therefore I apologise for my lack of output, but will have to get through this, with the massive support of Bev, my family and friends, before blogging can take centre stage once more.
I've still managed to get out with the rods, on the odd occasion, although my results have been erratic, to say the least. Birds have featured in my daily routine, the first returning Lesser Black-backed Gull was at the Pyson's Road colony 21st Feb and there have been a few Buzzards spotted as they begin the Spring migration over Thanet. The crazy weather ensured my butterfly list got underway on 23rd Feb, when Bev and I encountered three Brimstones whilst driving between home and Canterbury, a Small Tortoiseshell added just two days later as I walked to the Post Office. Last week of February and the temperatures hitting 18C (on Thanet) - yet that fake-tanned, clown still argues against "climate change" being a reality!

With less than a fortnight to go, before the "traditional" close season, the perch campaign continues to dominate my angling effort as I've decided that a change of direction is due on that watershed date. Out, this morning, before 05.00 hrs, with two rods fishing by 06.20 hrs, I was hopeful of some action given the weather forecast.  Overnight temps no lower than 8C, with heavy cloud cover prevailing right through to the mid-afternoon - bang on !

Using King Prawns, soaked in Predator Plus, I got indications almost straight away. However; I reckon my hooks were made for Greenpeace, I dropped a powerful fish then bumped a second, within the first forty minutes. I eventually landed a lovely perch, of 2 lbs 4 oz, then endured a four hour spell without further fish landed, although a couple of carp made the alarms scream before dropping the bait. Just before I packed up I missed the "un-missable" bite; much to the amusement of Micheal who was fishing in a swim opposite me. Two Common Buzzards were feeding/hunting around the adjacent paddocks and a decent flock (charm) of Goldfinches was buzzing around the field margins. The most obvious birds were Cormorants, almost a constant stream of groups heading south, certainly in excess of 1,500 birds before 09.20 hrs. I think that they were moving out of the Thames Estuary and cutting the corner, thus avoiding Thanet, rather than heading back to the Stour Valley roost site. For only the second time, in nine years, I was visited by the EA bailiffs to check my rod license and a very interesting exchange took place. The guys speaking about the paucity of anglers who are encountered on the local rivers, the commercial still waters being their most productive haunts for encountering illegal anglers. £27 per year to remain legitimate or £1,000 fine if you can't be arsed - a no brainer if you have one?
The day was further enhanced by the meeting of Ian Williams, a guy who had left a comment on one of my posts, asking for some advice about fishing at Marshside. It's always rather humbling when a complete stranger introduces themselves due to my offerings posted into cyber space, via the blog.


  1. Lovely Perch there Dyl, that three plus cannot be far away.
    On rod licenses. I've always been rather cautious to avoid trouble so rod licenses were always bought. Not that others were so inclined. I remember fishing Marsworth with my dad one day and watched as a then TW bailiff worked his way along the bank. On reaching us he asked for our licenses with a world weariness that comes with years of expecting nothing. Our production of the required documents elicited a reaction that suggested we had made his day.
    In short, no one else he'd checked out so far that day had a license. No doubt there's all sorts of reasons for that. But that said, it's evident there's an awful lot about for who gambling is just a way of life.

    1. Cheers Ric,

      Back in those Marsworth days we needed different licenses for the various water authority regions. Great Ouse for Fenland, Southern for the Hampshire Avon and Thames Water for Tring and the other local venues - so it was quite a complicated juggling act ensuring all these documents were up to date? Now that the EA system is in place there can be no excuses - end of!
      The two lads who checked my tickets were all suited with stab vests, and assorted kit, thus looking more like riot police than EA employees! A sad sign of the times I guess?
      As for that three? I've given myself until 14th March before changing tack and seeking another challenge whilst I await the re-start of the
      traditional season and my split cane thirty project. My perch PB will have to wait until next autumn.

      Hoping all is well mate - take care - Dyl

  2. Great to meet you too at the weekend, Dylan. Having been reading your excellent blog recently, I must admit to feeling just a little bit star struck! Glad you managed to bank a perch, for me it was a blank day. Variously prawns and lob worms didn't elicit more than a couple of nibbles all morning, but I learned a lot about the tactics I'm trying and Marshside is such a lovely venue. On the subject of the EA, I was delighted to be checked and hope they might be a more visible presence on our venues in the future.

    1. Ian,
      It was a pleasure to meet you and I wish you well with your rediscovery of angling. The best waste of time invented by man, or is that golf, jogging or cycling? Doesn't really matter how you choose to spend your time as long as you enjoy the experience. No doubt we will cross paths again soon - all the best - Dylan