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Wednesday 18 April 2018

Sirens at the ready

April 3rd, 2018, was to see me pass the twelve year mark, as a permanent employee of Fujifilm (although I have actually been working for 14 years 6 months on site). The outcome of this milestone date was an "award" of £250 (after tax) as a thank-you gesture. Bloody great! I knew exactly what I was going to do with this timely windfall - a pair of Nash Siren R3's being top of the agenda. Why only two? Well, I only have two split cane Mk IV's and can't ever see myself needing a third. These modern bite alarms have state of the art circuitry which is akin to the technology used by the speed cameras that now police our roadsides. Proper cutting edge stuff and exactly why I've purchased them. Hopefully, they will assist my cause and are not just to be flaunted alongside other brand labelled paraphernalia associated with modern carp fashionistas.

Promo image taken from the Nash website - a Siren R3
Worth a day's wages? Not too sure - just the job when someone else is paying!
Friday will see me headed off on a mega-trip, rods to the fore, and it is highly probable that the first time one of the Siren R3's registers a bite it won't be a carp? It won't be a Mk IV/Mitchell 300 combo either, I'm buzzing. Sye, Benno & Luke are also right up for it. If I don't post again; then it will be May before normal (?) blogland service is resumed. Man, this is going to be something else. Excited? What do you think?

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