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Sunday, 15 April 2018

Kite time

Life is very much a whirlwind, at present, fishing and my blogging have been a casualty of the situation. This weekend has seen Bev and I travel up to meet with my family to have a rather low key celebration of Tim's 60th birthday. There are plans for a proper do, when Tim's house refurb has been completed, and we can get out into the garden. We had arranged to watch the Grand National at Tim's, but were to spend the mid-day period, and have a bite to eat, at Simon's house in Aston Clinton, Bucks before we got the gig started. The forecast had been very favorable, so I had taken my camera gear along in the hope of getting some images of the Red Kites that are now a constant feature of this village. One of Sye's neighbours feeds them in the back garden and it is a fantastic experience to watch these magnificent birds, just skimming the roof-tops as they patrol the gardens on the lookout for scraps. For a resident of Thanet, this spectacle is completely outside my "normal" garden birding and to hear the whistling contact calls a fantastic change from the yelping Herring Gulls of our bungalow. I took loads of photos, whilst standing in Sye's garden and also got three butterfly year-ticks in the form of Brimstone, Small White and Small Tortoiseshell.

The presence of these magnificent scavengers, low over the rooftops of Aston Clinton, is a real
thrill for Bev and I - everyday occurrence for the residents of this Buckinghamshire village. 
We had a great time and the low key celebration was just the right atmosphere for Benno to introduce "Treese" to the Wrafties. I hope she felt welcome. I also managed to add Swallow to the year list, whilst Sye was cheering on Tiger Roll in the "National" at a "fiver" each way. Result!


  1. Wow Dyl some great red Kite shots, love those birds its great to see them doing so well in bucks hopefully now with less persecution. sound like Simon's place is a great photo opportunity with neighbours feeding. I gona have to bend his ear for meet at his place now haha. Love to family

    1. Bob, hopefully Tim's place will get finished in the next couple of months and we can all get together for a proper party? Sye's garden is OK, but I would think that the car park of The Rothschild Arms would be far more productive, as you don't have any trees obscuring your view, thus can pick these magnificent birds up as they approach. Hoping you, Wendy and the gang are OK - Dyl (& Bev)