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Friday 6 April 2018

Off at a tangent

I managed a short, afternoon/evening, session on Wednesday and winkled out a small linear mirror for my troubles. I didn't fish well, missing an absolute "stone waller" of a take - never felt a thing as the rod passed over my shoulder! However, despite my shortcomings as a carp angler, I did see some fishy signs that had all the hallmarks of perch activity. I'm only able to get out for a morning session, on Saturday, and feel that these perch might provide a better chance of success than the carp, at present. Still using the split cane Mk IV's, I'm swapping over the reels to ABU Cardinal 44 X's and have chosen to use prawns and lob worms as a starting gambit; basically because they've worked wherever else I've used them. In my heart, I feel sure that the RMC will be the venue to produce that carp I so desire and, as such, know that current weather conditions aren't conducive to my short session tactics. If I can catch a decent perch, by design, as a side project, then so be it. April 2018 is going to be a bit of a roller-coaster journey, there are so many influences in the mix. If it is May before the RMC carp project gets underway, then it will be because other projects got in my way. The next three weeks have the potential for some interesting fishing challenges. I'll happily dip my toe in the water and make decisions on the course of my journey, rods to hand, before the May Day weekend and a headlong dive into carp fishing for a "thirty"

A double from Brogborough - circa Sept 1992
If someone offered me a chance at another "big bream"  I'd bite their arm off!
Maggot/flake cocktails on 4 lbs hooklinks and a size 14 Drennan Super Specialist hook - happy days!
The van's already loaded, awaiting an early morning start - let's see what happens? If I don't make a post tomorrow then you'll know my efforts were to no avail!


  1. Hi Dyl... Tis a perfect time for a BIG stripy, as they’ll be dropping their spawn anytime now! (I know, I know, why the ridiculous obsession with targeting species at their optimum weight)... Still, been doing very well with king prawn as a change bait lately, dyed red with Dynamite Baits XL Liquid Worm, and dusted with Archie’s “Exotic Spice”... Had a few “threes” this week (happy days!)

    With the water temp gradually increasing, I’ve seen more fish activity too of late. Soon be “A Time for Tench” (bring it on), although I’m pretty darn sure I spotted a couple of BIG roach roll in open water, so I’m betwixt and between for the next couple of weeks. Still, I guess a long chuck with a lil heli-rig and maggot feeder would be a good compromise for both species for now?

    I was only thinking about you the other day mate... There’s a lone duck on the pit I keep seeing lately, always quite a long ways off and making a loud single call (calling for a mate possibly?). Bit of a struggle even with the bino’s, but I think it is a female Gadwall?... Wish I had your skills identifying our avian friends (I'm a bit shite!)

    Anyways, the very best of luck with your “split cane thirty” quest, and as always, best regards to the boys.

    Tight lines


    1. Hi Andy,

      A big perch is always welcome, whenever they turn up! I'm not sure that the venue holds any "three's", but was sufficiently intrigued, by the perch activity I'd witnessed, to cast a bait in their direction. "Had a few "threes" this week" - Bloody hell - I've only ever seen four, over that weight, in my life!
      Still water roach - now there's a challenge worth exploring. I'm very fortunate to have enjoyed Startops End Res. in its' prime - 19 two's in a single afternoon session during a crazy period with Roy Johnson, all fish taken on bread flake fished with mashed bread in an open-ended feeder.
      Tench? There will never be a venue to compete with Wilstone, in the 1980's, so I find it difficult to get enthused by modern venues and the wondrous tench they contain. It is true that a five pounder provided a huge adrenaline rush, whilst I was perch fishing, but I can't ever see myself targeting the species again - life's too short and there is no chance of recreating the "buzz" that being part of that era was all about. I have absolutely no doubt that many of the local fisheries could produce a tench in excess of 9 lbs 2 oz - wouldn't mean diddly-squat - my PB came from Wilstone during the most important period for tench fishing in the history of UK angling.
      The split cane thirty challenge is central to my current angling effort, it will happen and I don't think it'll be too long before I achieve this goal. However, there are so many other "balls in the air" that I might well get side tracked in the short term?

      The boys are all OK, thanks for the comment - tight lines - Dyl