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Saturday 21 October 2017

Pieces of a puzzle

I've managed to get four, after work, sessions in this week - thanks Bev! I've not blanked on any occasion, although my results haven't been that sparkling. Lots of carp/F1 hybrids picking up my prawn hook baits - more than a few lost using this light tackle. Perch have been my target species and I've caught them on three, of the four, outings - so not too bad? I even managed to tempt an odd tench, from the larger club venue (very unusual) but the bream have been a real pest. These are proper "snotters", 2 lbs at best and covered in thick slimy mucus which clings to anything it touches and stinks like nothing else (except eel slime - perhaps?)

The pick of the bunch, thus far, a smidgen over 2 lbs
The start of better things to come, I hope, as the project
moves forward.
I don't like to use the term "nuisance" fish, but these bream certainly come close to it. However, they do provide action when I'm awaiting the attentions of perch and create far less disturbance in my swim than those pesky carp! A bream, once hooked, simply waves the white flag and floats across the surface straight into the awaiting net; so much easier than feisty little scamps who's sole purpose is to create as much havoc as possible whilst attempting to avoid a visit to the unhooking mat.

I've made a couple of light weight bobbins and given them the "home made" treatment - it keeps away the fashionistas - they couldn't possibly be seen talking to a Noddy! I call them Jasper and Sid, because I can, and they are deliberately wasp coloured, so as to be easily confused with the Nash tackle item which also goes by the name of The Wasp Indicator!

Me doing my thing, as I await the next bite under darkening skies. I got a bit arty with
this image as I used fill in flash to ensure that I wasn't lost in the gloom of the overhanging foliage.
Thus far swims have been chosen for their proximity to cover, be that overhanging branches, reed beds or lily pads. Simply somewhere from which perch can mount an attack on any prey item that swims past. The depth of these swims hasn't yet been a consideration but, as the temperatures start to fall away, deeper areas will be targeted. Bait choice has been restricted to prawns, which I am fishing on  a hair rig set up tied with 5 lbs mono and using a size 11 Barbel Maxx hook. This has seen an improvement in my catch rate, and I'm pleased with the hook holds not being in the throats of these fish. Next stage in the plan is to start to use lob worms, so a whole new set of problems to overcome.
It's great fun learning by trial and error, my successes have far more meaning when they are a result of a tweak or idea that has been due to an angling situation which has had me stumped.

A typical club water perch swim. My bait is positioned under the overhanging branches less than two
rod lengths out. Easy to be accurate in both hook bait presentation and the introduction of freebies.


  1. I'm amazed to see all that water and the fact that you are still able to fish OK, most of North Kent is dry, with ponds, ditches and fleets either dried up or with just a few inches of stagnant water.

    1. I'm not able to give an informed reply - we just seem to have plenty of water in the Stour catchment area. I don't know what the levels on the Sandwich Bay scrapes are like, although they seem to be producing a few waders according to the SBBOT web page. Maybe our water providers are better able to manage the resource than those in North Kent or we simply get more rain? Toodle pip! - Dyl

  2. Not much that swimns seems to be able to ignore a prawn.

    1. BB - I am in total agreement, although many of the club anglers seem to differ. I suspect it comes down to how long you're prepared to wait for a bite? I use Tesco "value" prawns as freebies with a King Prawn section on the hook/hair. Eels, tench, bream, perch, pike, carp and ide have all fallen to these baits over the last couple of seasons - much under-rated in my opinion - Dyl