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Monday, 15 May 2017

Sandwich Sunday social

With deadline pressure growing, Benno, Bryn & I met up on the bank side of Victory Lake, at the Sandwich Coarse Fishery complex, for a last gasp attempt of getting some more material together for next month's offering. I manned the camera whilst Ben provided coaching for the youngest member of our angling gang. It was a really nice touch when Luke turned up to join in with the session. Although he had started off using a quiver-tip set-up, the wind was making the job of spotting bites a little tricky, so we swapped over to a whip to hand and float fished maggot. This proved to be the turning point and Bryn then succeeded in catching a string of small roach and rudd - one a chuck, so very pleasing. I got my photos, Bryn caught his fish and learned a few more lessons about the hobby which might provide a lifetime of enjoyment?

Bryn with the whip to hand, Benno & Luke look on. It was a cracking afternoon session at Sandwich Coarse Fishery
Only small "silvers" but when they are coming "one a chuck", very enjoyable
Luke will testify to the thrill that a hooked fish can provide. He is the only one of us who has a thirty to his name, yet it was a 13 lbs 4 oz common which left him an adrenaline induced mess late on Saturday evening. It's not my story, so I won't tell it, but it is great to know that such things occur and I am amidst kindred spirits.

A very wet, but happy, Luke with a 13 lbs 4 oz common


  1. Hi Dylan, Love reading your blogs,especially fishing the Unexplored and unknown, like the kentish drains etc,., I am not a carp man, but I thought I 'd give Victory lake at sandwich a go for the silvers yesterday, Just a couple of cap dudes braving the gusting wind! Not a run between them, Plumbing up, it was hard to find more than 2 foot of water anywhere in front of me, truth is I walked around the lake with a plumb and float and found it only marginally deeper elsewhere, so I percy veered and sprayed maggot in every cast and slowly began to get bites, from mainly Perch some up to nearly a pound, more roach and tiny rudd followed, then I had a spell in the evening of a dozen roach between 8oz to 1lb, I fed worm hoping for a bigger perch but to no avail! Still I had the pleasure of watching a couple of kingfishers, helping themselves to the small roach too. An enjoyable day, I have heard there are bigger roach and Perch in there I will try again. Cheers Phil

    1. Phil - many thanks for posting this comment. It's nice to know that others enjoy reading about my exploits. I have had some great sessions at Sandwich Coarse Fishery over the passed few years. It has a nice vibe about the place. Still haven't managed a twenty from the venue, but have had some very nice perch to 2 lbs 6 oz and saw Luke take a 3 lbs 3 oz specimen on a drop shot. The place still has plenty of unknown potential beyond the commercial carp fishing. All the best and tight lines - Dylan