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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Liars for a living

The desire to be one should prevent any individual from ever becoming one - an observation by Billy Connolly ref: politicians. On 18th April 2017, Theresa May announced her decision to call a snap General Election in order to strengthen her hand whilst dealing with the "Brexit mandate" negotiations following the triggering of Article 50. Seemed pretty straight forward from where I sit - Jeremy Corbyn is hell-bent on leading The Labour Party into oblivion, UKIP  in melt-down and the Liberals a total joke - she had pulled off a masterstroke? A win at a canter - easy peasy!
But no! Let's forget the Brexit deal and introduce some other policies which will assist our cause and make our party so popular as to be un-assailable. The Conservative Party has scored the greatest "own goal" in the history of politics (during my life-time) with their ill considered social care manifesto policy. Let's think about this for a nano-second? We want to win a general election, what should we do to make ourselves as popular as possible? Yeah, I know, let's threaten to impose a stealth tax on the entire generation of home owners who fell for the "right to own their own home" gag of Maggie Thatcher. Fucking genius - NOT! All those hard working, Tory supporting, ordinary people. Paid into the system for their entire lives, now being targeted as a problem because we are getting old and will need looking after in our latter years. Maybe if the money we've contributed to the system had been better managed, then the problem wouldn't be there? The Conservative Party has never, and will never, be about the working man - but then again, none of the alternative options are any better. They will say exactly what you want to hear in the run up to an election. Once ensconced in their comfy chair, nothing they promised will be of any consequence, they've made it to self-serving utopia.
In the aftermath of the shameful, cowardly, terrorist attack in Manchester, I have seen politicians, of all persuasions, singing from a single hymn sheet. The problem of social care isn't going to disappear because Theresa has had a change of mind  about the detail. If our politicians are able to unite in times of crisis, then it might be possible for the same unity when dealing with problems which will affect us all. If it's a good idea, why does it matter which party thought of it? It's still a good idea. On June 8th I want to vote for a strong and stable government not a "smoke & mirrors"circus act!

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