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Monday, 29 May 2017

By way of a change

It's been a bit of a weird weekend, given that it included Monday! I managed to get out for an afternoon/evening session on the canal Sunday and today, I've spent a very enjoyable time at Marshside Fishery - Scroggin's Lake. The canal continues to be a challenge, not a touch during my session although I did manage to glean a few snippets from a couple of guys I spoke with. I don't think that The Kent League match on the section did anything to enhance my chances either?

Scroggin's - looking north towards Reculver
Scroggin's is a wonderful little carp puddle situated on the Chislet Marshes, close to Reculver, and controlled by The Wantsum Angling Club. I've not been there since June 2013, but fancied a change and the chance to bend a split cane. I made one fundamental misjudgment, I treated the venue exactly as I do the canal. Big mistake and by the time I'd sussed it I'd run out of bait (particles!) I caught three little scamps, but should have done so much better. Bottom line, I enjoyed myself and the sun tan is coming along nicely, I won't look like a bottle of milk when we go to Tenerife next month. The fishing might have been a bit ordinary but the birding has been brilliant. I managed to see my first UK Honey Buzzard, in over a decade, when an adult female came drifting leisurely westward above the fishery. Yellow Wagtails, Yellowhammers, two male Cuckoo, an adult male Marsh Harrier, umpteen Reed Warblers, Whitethroats and Skylarks were around the venue and I spotted a Brown Hare and Grey Partridge, along the farm track as I was leaving. Cracking afternoon at a fabulous little fishery, we'll be back shortly with Bryn in tow, I have the July article to compile before the sunshine beckons.

A scamp - all three of them wouldn't have made a "twenty"

When the wind died down I used my home-made hangers, much to the amusement of the bailiff!


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    1. I do use monkeys, on needles, for much of my pike fishing and also when I was after eels. That said, they were superb indicators for carp, when we knew no different and I can see no reason why they wouldn't still do a first rate job today? I'm off after catfish this weekend and my needles will be seeing some action, God willing and the fish playing ball. I'll endeavor to get some pics, so I can blog about the session when I get home on Sunday. My first over-nighter since June 16th 2016 - should be fun! - Dyl