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Wednesday 2 November 2016

FIFA - you sure?

The national football teams of England and Scotland (and Wales) have been refused permission to wear arm bands depicting the poppy! You what? A bunch of money laundering fatcats, playing statesmen - go fuck yourselves! The poppy is a symbol for all those who have fallen in battle fighting for what they believed to be right. A show of remembrance, by our British Legion, to recognise the ultimate sacrifice paid by so many and to demonstrate to us, who remain, that their efforts are not forgotten.  The poppy is not a racial, religious or political logo - it is a mark of respect, long may it continue. That there might be personal reasons why an individual feels unable to wear an armband and that is down to that person and their conscience - it doesn't require an international governing body to decree on such matters.


  1. I think our PM might have sent THIEFA a similar message.

  2. Dylan,

    Totally agree screw FIFA, what can they do? Sweet FA. Utter bollocks if you ask me.

  3. Cheers for the comments guys. As you might recognise, it's a subject that hit a nerve and I ain't best pleased. I am proud to wear my poppy, my family having a strong military background. I still refuse to glorify warfare, but am not willing to allow some whimsied PC goon to pass judgement on the right of any national team to demonstrate their support for their countrymen. I was spitting feathers, last night, I've calmed down a bit now!
    P.S. Welcome back Monty!