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Sunday, 16 October 2016

What goes round; comes round (a two post day!)

The majority of my Saturday had been spent, along with Simon, Benno and Sarah-Jayne, continuing to clear the crap (debris) from Dad's house. We did what was needed; there will be just one more session, required, to see the clearance completed and we are then able to put the house onto the market. A very sad day, but it has to be done in order for the family to move on. Scary thing is that I now find myself at the helm of the Good Ship Wraftie  - so God only knows where we'll end up?
Conversation yesterday was very diverse, but included some pike fishing plans and the introduction of my grandson, Bryn, to the joys of angling. This task being undertaken by Benno (his uncle) and would see a complete cycle achieved.

Benno at Loch Awe in 1990? He was around six years old and that is a
13ft 2.75 lbs t/c, fast taper, Bruce & Walker HMC carbon rod.

It was around 1988/9 that Benno first started his angling apprenticeship, around the shores of Loch Awe before progressing to the delights of The Grand Union Canal and Tring Reservoirs. How will Bryn find this hobby? It is Benno's challenge to enthuse his nephew - simple! They went to Sandwich Coarse Fishery, this afternoon, and Bryn did what was required. Using a whip to hand, he managed to get his first fish - a perch of around a pound - the seeds have been planted!

My grandson Bryn with a perch of around a pound.
An angler in the making? I have a feeling that it's in the genes!


  1. I think that it's important, for anyone who wants to become an angler, ( Not a clone ) to have experienced the joys of an apprenticeship.
    My early memories involve Minnows, Gudgeon and Bullheads - Perch were to appear much later in my exploration of angling. From the vibe of Benno's phone call - I think that the uncle/nephew bond has been truly established. Bryn with a twenty will be the next milestone, such is the influence of the commercials on modern angling? In the mean time, I'd like to think that a few roach, tench and bream will grace the landing net before carp become the dominating force?