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Wednesday 5 October 2016

A backwards step to move on

I have really struggled to remain enthusiastic about my carp angling project following the events of early September. I am extremely grateful for the input, from a local birder, alerting me to some fish which they had seen in an Ash Levels drain, but starting from scratch in October is a challenge too far when time is such a very precious commodity. I am happy to walk away and start afresh in April/May 2017 - a split cane "thirty" remains my target and I'm stubborn enough to see it through to a successful conclusion. 2016 has proven to be anything but smooth, thus far, events conspiring to derail my efforts at every opportunity. (God bless you Dad!)

Who could have foreseen the progression from commercials to the East Kent marshes?
I am saddened, and rather embarrassed, that things have turned out so badly. I feel like I've let myself down, yet know that if it were different (thirty years ago) the whole scenario would have panned out far less pleasantly. A wet fish is a wet fish ("no shit Sherlock!") and I've had more than my fair share, over the years, so many, in fact, as to negate any requirement, on my part, to engage in skulduggery or associated shenanigans! Yet this whole sorry episode leaves a bad taste and continues to play on my mind - why would anyone feel the need to behave like that? It's time to walk away and seek challenges in new arenas where I don't have to suffer the actions of fools.

A nice little chub from the Canterbury Stour - 3 lbs 10 oz
I have been in contact with Steve Middleton: ref a B James & Son, split cane, Mk IV Avon - it looks like the time has arrived and purchase of such an item is now high on the agenda. For what purpose this next investment? Well; there are chub in The Kentish Stour which dwarf my 5 lbs 2 oz PB so, of course, I'd like one of them and, also, I have unfinished business with those enigmatic barbel  - doubles being expected if I can get a bite! I have never caught a barbel outside of the June - September period previously. However, just as it worked out with those winter eels, I'm confident the barbel/chub of The Kentish Stour will provide a similar and. ultimately,  rewarding challenge over the next few months. Maybe, by getting away from the hype and stupidity of carp fishing (ref: modern carp anglers and their complete lack of watercraft and bank side etiquette?), I will regain that enthusiasm I had at the beginning of that particular project?

My first "thirteen" - Fred would have been pleased for me, I think.?
My first efforts, after these fish, proved to be test of stamina and bloody - mindedness, three years of effort - just seven barbel to my landing net (five doubles!) After a two year break I feel ready to grasp this nettle, once again, and test my angling skills as I attempt another campaign designed to outwit these magnificent creatures. It won't be easy, of that I'm sure. What I am hoping for is an angling challenge without barriers or politics - enjoyment has to be the defining reason for being on the river. Personalities, ego's and cliques - "get the f*ck!"
Sorry for the waffling, nonsensical, content, please excuse me - just thinking out loud, I suppose?


  1. You can think out loud all you like Dyl - great post!

    1. Cheers for this Steve - I couldn't write what I actually feel about the situation, I'd end up in jail! Hoping all is well in deepest Banstead? - Dyl
      P.S. Stonechats rule!

  2. Yes Dyl, great post.
    I've said it before (most likely) that I was able to tip the balance to get fish in their natural state to come my way. But was completely stuffed if I had to adapt (my methods)to take into account the antics of other anglers.
    I preferred to go elsewhere, even if that meant the total unknown.
    These things are sent to test us. Rest assured, you'll know when it's all over when you start casting lug off the shingle at Dunge.

  3. Casting a lug off the Dungeness shingle - I'd be a tea total vegetarian first!

  4. Seems like a pretty normal and indeed modest, reaction to the actions of idiots Dyl.. Like you suggest, some years ago, your response would of been more aggressive but as you get older you tend to think, fuck them. Reading your blogs in recent times I rather get the impression that carp fishing, for whatever reason, has always led people into being far to extreme in their methods. But it's no different to birdwatching, there are always the idiots that flock to see a rare bird, often becoming a trespassing pain in the arse in doing so and trying to out-do each other by getting the best photograph published. You never see those guys on a freezing cold day when birdwatching is ordinary.

    1. Derek, obsessional behavior is always most extreme when we are in our formative years, been there and done it! I would guess that we are the lucky ones to have come out the other side and still have an interest in our passions, but without the desire to be seen to be doing it right? To be able to take pleasure from a singing Skylark, or kicking a bunch of Mipits from a stubble field, is a sure sign that we are at peace with ourselves and have nothing more to prove - it's a nice place to be, I reckon. All the best and keep smiling - Dyl