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Sunday 8 December 2013

York Christmas Market

I (we) have just got back home after a couple of nights in Yorkshire. The purpose of this trek being to deliver a few Christmas presents, do a bit of socialising and visit the City of York to enjoy (endure?) the Christmas Market. Bev and I were joined by Ron & Denise (her mum and dad) on our visit and, despite my fears, it was a very enjoyable trip. The York Christmas Market being a fantastic mix of hype and culture; taking place within the historic streets of the walled city - so much more enjoyable than the event we visited in Whinchester a couple of years ago.
There was a lovely vibrancy about the place. It was mobbed out, yet there was no irritation amidst the crowds - just smiling faces and a good to alive vibe. I carried my camera in the hope of capturing some of the feel of our visit. I'm not too sure that I've managed it - yet the photos are a great memory jogger for me.

My initial thoughts, on arrival, were to attempt to capture the feel of the architecture; the very essence of the city. However, it was people, not buildings, that provided the bulk of my interest - some of the acts that were "busking" were top drawer performers. The atmosphere that they helped create was a delight; frantic shoppers, the waft of "mulled wine", twinkling Christmas lights, Cafe society - looking on, the Christmas jumper wearing, office parties, pub crawling their way around the city; without threat or violence! It really was a very pleasant experience (No, I don't work for the York City tourist board!)

My lasting memory is not one that is associated with Christmas, York, or even the UK! One of the buskers was of Peruvian (?) ancestry and was dressed in full "Native American" regalia - he looked spectacular. What's more he could perform. Using pipes, nose-flute and other assorted instruments, he provided an impromptu show outside the Disney Store. I was mesmerised; Ron and I spending nearly half an hour watching this guy deliver his music - somewhere between "Pan Pipe Moods" and Moby!
The Glass Caves - a tight unit of very capable, enthusiastic, young musicians. Good luck guys!

Whoever he is - it worked for me!
York City Christmas market - a fantastic advert for the city! I can also recommend a couple of pints in The Three Tuns; quality service in a city fully geared up (and happy) to cater for visitors.

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