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Friday 27 December 2013

What's it all about?

"No shit Sherlock" - If there was ever a defining question; this one has got to be it! Does anybody, on this side of eternity, have a clue? - discuss
I'm sat here listening to the music of my formative years and reading the C.S. Lewis "Screw tape Letters" - a journey into the dark side; one which C.S. Lewis described as without love. He gave Tolkien some credit for the adventure, although Tolkien had warned against such deep scrutiny of the powers of evil.
As a complete numbty, I am unable to make any comment beyond the simplistic, I remain enthralled by the power that the "unknown journey" has upon my daily existence. I want to be Reepicheep - that mouse in C.S. Lewis's "Voyage of the Dawn Treader" who had the courage to walk towards the edge of the known world. and beyond (without fear or regret) - credit  Kronenbourg 1664 (it could easily have been Sella Artois)
Don't get worried, I ain't in the depths of suicide; I'm actually sorting out the tackle I require for another session on the RMC. The C.S. Lewis stuff has been brought to the fore by our recent trip to Bourne End; my sister-in-law had a copy of said "screw-tape letters" on a CD. I wrote some stuff, when mum passed away, about my desire to discover what it was all about. I didn't require then, and still don't, the input by any members of the devout, the righteous, or the plain deluded. I'm a guy who, at 58, doesn't require someone to point me in the right direction; I'll find my own way. If mum had any answers beyond a stoic belief,, then Stella Artois might get me there! I'll keep looking.

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