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Saturday 28 December 2013

Looking for a life in balance!

I was almost tempted to use "Mission Impossible" as the title of this offering. As the new year approaches, I am confident that the vast majority of those souls, who choose to read this drivel, will also be planning for a "new start". Bev and I have both decided that we need to make changes to our life styles, committing ourselves to support each other as we embark upon a wish list of change. It's our 10th Wedding Anniversary, tomorrow, and we've come an awful long way in that time. Taking each other for granted is symptomatic of a mature relationship - we hope to challenge this by a change in our daily routines.
On a personal note, I want to make birding a bigger part of my life - the pendulum has swung too far towards the importance of angling - yet I spend very little time physically involved in that aspect of my enjoyment of the outdoors. Living on Thanet means that I have quality (it's all relative!) birding on my doorstep and that is something I've overlooked for a couple of years. I hope that 2014 will see a reversal of this trend, without being detrimental to my angling efforts?
1st winter male Black Redstart along the under cliff between Broadstairs and Dumpton Gap
Benno, Luke and myself were on the RMC before 07.00hrs, this morning, and endured a 100% blank for our effort. We were witness to the actions of a canoeist who can only be described as a "selfish cunt!" - he committed no crime, but had other options available to him, and his training regime, which wouldn't involve spoiling others enjoyment of the facility. We moved swims. In my past his activities would have been a declaration of war and violence, or the threat, would have been very likely. Today, the boys and I simply couldn't be arsed. We were at the canal, enjoying the banter and each others company; we didn't need this shit. Dog walkers, joggers, cyclists and umpteen other recreational users manage to co-exist along this fabulous venue - what a shame that this goon feels he has special privilege. We have never had any problems with other canoeists, their activities being no more disturbance than a landing swan or a dog fetching a stick/ball from the water. The canal inhabitants have seen it all before and do not perceive it as a threat - it doesn't affect the fishing, unlike the picking up of lines, with a paddle, because the prick couldn't keep to the far bank.

Racial variation amongst the Rock Pipits, that winter around the Thanet coastline,
has provided me with many hours of entertainment.
I finished reading Luke Jennings' "Blood Knots" and have to say that it was a fascinating experience. It is nowhere close to the best book I've ever read about angling exploits but that does this particular read a great disservice. It is a wonderfully observed discovery of the wider world and the incredible power of loyalty, family and  friendship. Luke's recollections of his time within the Catholic boarding school education system are, to me, an horrific insight into this dubious organisation. That his salvation comes from within the system speaks volumes for the individuals involved and the power, that we all have, to overcome the darkest of times. I owe Mr Gale a pint for recommending this book to me - I have already started to give it a second grilling, just in case I missed something on my first visit!
Purple Sandpipers are a fantastic species which occur in decent numbers around the Thanet coastline
My photos, that accompany this waffle, are of birds that regularly occur around the Thanet coastline - so await my return in 2014.
A 1st winter male Stonechat (S. t. hibernans). We also get odd individuals of the race S. t. rubbicola
Something that the "old guard" are unable to understand - and they wonder why they are obsolete?

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