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Thursday 27 December 2012

I couldn't catch a cold!

The last time I caught a "double" - 13lbs 7oz from Loch Awe; April 2012
Benno, "Sick - note", his Uncle Phil and I assembled at a venue, along the Royal Military Canal early this morning for a bit of a social pike session. The only one missing from the "A Team" was Uncle Chris who had wimped out after seeing the weather forecast - however the bulk of the Loch Awe 2012 team were present and keen to get started. During the course of the morning we leap frogged our rods to cover about a half mile section of the canal. The stark facts are that Tom, aka Sick - note, took two fish, Phil had one, Benno messed up his only chance and I didn't get a touch - I have a feeling that my latest batch of flavoured baits have a fish repellent included in the mixture, this is my third trip without a bite. The last time I caught a pike was in April when we were gathered on the banks of Kilchurn Bay at Loch Awe.
I forget the exact timing of the announcement that the UK faced a severe drought and all regions were liable to water usage restriction - all I can say is that must be the wettest drought in the history of the world. Media scare mongering, the usual inept performance from our meteorological civil servants and their T/V front men and women. Only in the UK?
Our rivers are bursting their banks, homes are being flooded out - especially those that our town planners (more civil servants) allowed to be built on "flood plains" (the clue's in the title) and the reservoirs are filled to capacity. Hopefully water will not be an issue for the next couple of years.The result of this constant deluge has been to colour up the flowing waters with a thick suspension of silt that causes the fish problems with their gill function - the silt clogs up their respiratory organs thus they are forced to seek shelter away from this heavily laden flow. Today, as on my two previous trips, I have not been good enough to locate my quarry - I will take the flack that comes my way, as it won't be too long before normal service is resumed and I will be "kicking arse" again. Until then, Benno, Tom and Phil can enjoy their successes, as they should, any fish caught under these most trying of conditions is hard earned - well done.
I am missing the intimate surroundings of the small drain that we concentrated on, last winter, The Royal Military Canal is a huge expanse of water and any level of pressure can see fish move large distances, yet remain in very suitable habitat to continue their seasonal feeding - location is the key; I don't worry about technique or presentation until the fish are found. I'll be back again, on Saturday, for another session in similar conditions - one fish is all I require - am I good enough?

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