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Sunday 26 February 2023

One step at a time

That post about self-take, angling, trophy shots is well advanced yet, bizarrely, requires some images of how the camera kit is set-up in order to ensure it makes sense? Hopefully the final result will be worth the wait? Another RMC Pike session, on Thursday, was all about a hunch. Sadly, it didn't pay off but, even blank sessions can be useful if you are able to learn from the experience. Friday I was back down, on the irrigation reservoir, scamping. A cracking afternoon session producing five bites = five carp landed; two doubles! It would seem that I've very little to complain about, from an angling perspective, at this current moment. 

At 11 lbs 14 oz, this Common Carp was the best, of five, on Friday.

With two angling projects already underway in 2023, yet knowing that I've only fourteen days to catch that March "twenty" Pike, there are several other loose ideas floating around in my head. Barbel, Bream, Tench and Chub are certainly in the mix yet, without any logical reason, Eels have certainly risen in my thought processes. The quest for a double figure Carp in each calendar month isn't something which will stretch my angling skills to any extent, such is the wealth of local fisheries which hold huge populations of these fish. My C&DAA membership is up for renewal on 31st March and something I'm certainly going to do, however, I'm also looking at the possibility of joining a couple of other (relatively) local clubs who control some interesting fisheries. There's certainly no great rush; I'm happy to get the Pike season out of the way before finalizing any plans moving forward. Back down to the RMC tomorrow, hoping to continue with the learning experience offered by this magnificent waterway. All being well, I'll get the photos to finish that "self-take" post which is awaiting the publish button in my blogger's draft folder.

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