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Friday 17 February 2023

Nocturnal antics

It seems incredible that, already, nearly three years have elapsed since the original "lockdown" which marked the start of the pandemic. I will, forever, be indebted to Julie & Gary Pearse who advised me about the fun to be had from setting up a garden feeding station for the local Hedgehogs. Add into the mix an additional bowl for the Foxes, a 125w MV Moth Trap and the garden wildlife experience has taken on a wholly new dimension. We're already into the third week of February and signs of Spring are beginning to appear. There's a Sky Lark setting up territory beyond the garden hedge and I've seen several Buff-tailed Bumble-bees around the garden this past week. 

Scar Face, at the feeding bowl, at the beginning of February

The Foxes are very active (and vocal) around the Newlands Farm area and that "Scar Faced" male has become a regular feeding station diner. To be completely honest, he is a greedy bleeder who is always at the front of the queue. I'll get the food out just at sunset, he'll be there within twenty minutes! The one obvious benefit of seeing this individual, on a regular basis, has been to realise how quickly the healing process has progressed. That open wound on the inside of his left foreleg is now little more than a faint mark in the dark fur, those nasty bite marks on his face all but gone, just the obvious scars on his snout remain as testament to past battles.

That open wound on his inner left foreleg is now just a feint mark in his fur.

After a conversation with my neighbours, Terry & Glynis, relating to Hedgehog at their feeding station on Tuesday night, I was delighted to spot one at the Fox bowl yesterday. Not overly sure why the photos were so poor, even through double glazing, I've got the study door open tonight as I await further visitors.

The moth trap is very disappointing, at present. with just two species (individuals) recorded. Dark Chestnut and Dotted Border the culprits. Onward and upwards - it can only get better as the days lengthen and temperatures rise.

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