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Monday 5 December 2022

Been a bit "Bill & Dick"

I got home from the RMC, Friday 25th Nov, and wasn't feeling too sparkling. A sore throat and snotty nose isn't particularly pleasant but, thankfully, a positive Covid test wasn't forthcoming and I could rely on Day & Night Nurse to see me through. However, well over a week later, I'm still not 100% and, as a consequence, haven't been back to the bankside. Bev and I had a drive down to The Stour, Friday, 2nd Dec, morning, where the scene remained one of utter chaos. A filthy torrent of, debris strewn, water piling through thus not decent Pike fishing conditions. Surely things have to improve?

Leon & Leeney

This past weekend has seen the reunion of the "Kefalonian Gang of Six" for our, now annual, Christmas gathering. Carrie & Craig, from Wychbold, Leon & Leeney, from Sidmouth joined us in The King's Arms, Budleigh Salterton for an evening meal, Secret Santa, ample light ales and "A" level banter (aka talking bollocks!) Quite how the stars aligned to cause the six of us to become such close friends is beyond any sensible explanation. That they did, and we are, is all that matters and I am a very lucky individual because of this random set of circumstances. To top it off, my sixty-seventh birthday was on Sunday and we re-assembled for a cooked breakfast before going our separate ways. Friends like these are special and it won't be too long before plans are being drawn up for our next rendezvous. Kefalonia? Who knows, or cares? The chemistry which exists between us ensures that whenever we're together the overriding emotion is one of  fun, harmony and genuine respect. An oasis within the pressurized madness of modern life and all that it involves.

Craig, Bev & Carrie-Anne

Nothing else to report, if I'm honest, just the regular garden stuff and the odd wander along the coast to Ramsgate Harbour. There's certainly a change in the weather patterns as a Northerly influence has become established and, as a result, overnight temperatures have plummeted. Grey skies and the constant threat of rain, however, has done nothing to elevate my expectations for a return to the river any time soon. As I'm sat here, typing this, Brazil v's South Korea has just kicked off and rain is falling steadily from a leaden sky outside the back door.

Fulmars have already returned to their nesting ledges along the undercliff.

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