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Thursday 22 December 2022

What next?

I sometimes wonder if there's any point of me making plans and/or setting myself targets. Whilst, particularly during the period of this blog's existence, this type of challenge has proven to be a very enjoyable way of keeping focussed, 2022 has certainly been the exception that proves the rule. Once I'd achieved the Pike quotas at the start of the year, my angling has been anything but successful. The barbel campaign wouldn't have been less productive if I'd cast my baits into the bungalow shower tray. The River Stour Pike fishing has been equally spectacular in its' failure to produce results. The self-imposed Christmas break should be just what's required for me to get back into the groove. Benno & my traditional Boxing Day, morning social, session will not be expected to kick start the campaign, although if I've a bait in the water there's always a chance.

Benno posing with a nice brace from Startops End Res. Tring.
Christmas holiday period 1992/93

Knowing that the holiday break will be an opportunity for many full-time working guys to get a few hours on the bank I am more than happy to wait until the New Year before getting back into any type of routine. All being well (weather & water conditions permitting?) I expect to get twelve sessions on The Stour during January before changing tack and spending, my available time during, February down on the RMC. My head might struggle with the logistics, my heart is still firmly committed to the possibilities of achieving my targets. 

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