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Thursday, 8 December 2022

On the up

Still not feeling 100% but certainly so much better than I have been. The current cold snap has raised hopes of getting down to The Stour and being in with a realistic chance of presenting my baits to good effect. All going well I'm heading down tomorrow morning for my first "proper" session. Got quite a few ideas spinning around in my head but, with no concrete plans, will wait to see what condition the river's in before making a decision on bait presentation and tactics. My C&DAA membership only allows a two rod limit which, under the circumstances, might be one too many? The general approach will be to remain mobile, travel light and be prepared to move if circumstances dictate. I think I've blogged earlier that I'm not going down to The Stour to play games. My kit is the best I have available, thus very similar to what I use at Loch Awe. I've a freezer filled with heavily flavoured and dyed baits, none of which are under 8oz, which will provide the "edge" I seek in my quest for that desired, second, river "twenty".

Over forty years ago (16th November 1982) I caught
this magnificent Pike of 19 lbs 11 oz from The Thames, at Mapledurham.
I know I've used this photo many times, but it's remains very special to me.

I did take a drive down to the RMC, on Wednesday, with the intention of fishing a section that I've not previously visited. However, the logistics of pushing a loaded barrow to the spot proved beyond my physical capabilities and I had to settle for second best. It wasn't the distance involved as opposed to the bankside terrain/conditions. I'd found it on Google Maps and will certainly have another look at a future date. I'd have to describe the session as an enjoyable blank; there being so much more to look at than motionless rods.

So much more to fishing than catching fish!

The season 2022/23 has, thus far, proven to be a total disappointment due to the incredible extremes in our weather patterns. From a very personal perspective the two projects I embarked upon have proven to be catastrophic. There have been times when I've felt like I'd joined Greenpeace such has been my lack of results. Still you can only enjoy the highs when you've experienced the lows and this is true for so many other aspects of life, not just angling!

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