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An individual, of no great importance, who is unable to see the natural world as a place for competition. I catch fish, watch birds, derive immense pleasure from simply looking at butterflies, moths, bumble-bees, etc - without the need for rules! I am Dylan and this is my blog - if my opinions offend? Don't bother logging on again - simple!


Sunday 14 June 2020

More baiting

It was a glorious early morning stroll out across the farmland to reach the section of the tidal Stour that Benno and I have settled on to start our latest campaign. Another bucket of munga was introduced into the areas we'd identified yet, I'm still not sure if this is where I'm going to make that first cast, because I am a little concerned over the ability of a lone angler (Benno has work to attend, so won't be with me for that opening night ritual) to actually net a fish when the water levels fluctuate so dramatically and the currents are so strong. 
I think that we'll end up treating the challenge in much the same way as we did the Willow Close barbel adventure and our early carp fishing exploits on The Royal Military Canal. In both situations the use of walkie talkies was a massive edge whenever a decent fish was hooked. So what else is on offer? Carp, wild carp, that live in the extensive network of drains that criss-cross the entire East Kent marshes. I've got a few places to visit early tomorrow morning, just to check out the potential, before making a decision on where that baited hook is cast, cum mid-night.
It will depend upon my final choice, of venue, as to what kit will be required? Split cane or carbon, Nash GT 4000's or centre-pins, mono or braid? Until I've made a decision, none of this other stuff really matters. At present our back garden is littered with the contents of my van and study. 

Whilst I'm about it, may I offer my apologies for yesterday's offering. The absolute dereliction of duty, as displayed by the current incumbent of No. 10 is staggering. I only have to click on the Sky/BBC news channels to be shown more evidence about why this manipulating fraudster is totally unfit for the office he holds. I do try to steer clear of getting sucked into the malaise, but sometimes just can't help myself. I'm sick, to my stomach, with the complete lack of leadership shown by our elected representatives. So to cheer myself up I've been browsing some holiday snaps - hoping they bring a wry smile?


  1. Dyl, from our so called leaders, I expect nothing at all. I'm aware that for some reason, political parties are allowed to nominate some of their number to decide how to run the country. But the same could be true if millions had voted in the last GE for the Herts Bird Club or Watford Harriers Running Club.

    Instead we're left to deal with people who are nothing more than egotistical busy bodies, whose purpose in life is to get their own way, all of the time. Worst than that. Get 'your' way, 'their' way as well.

    Out of the mess and confusion they create, some of us can get by. However, it seems that in order to succeed, it doesn't pay to get too comfortable in one place. How can the public cope when these elements change the rules of the game, tear up the pitch, remove the goals posts. And then decide the game can carry on as before?

    Good luck - By that I mean the fishing.

    For the rest we need miracle's!

    1. A miracle indeed. "Cometh the hour, cometh the man?" Durban, 20th December 1948, Cliff Gladwin takes to the field needing twelve runs from the last three overs, two wickets remaining. Miracles do happen, occasionally, but I haven't seen any sign of one occurring during this current debacle.
      Three weeks of fishing and wildlife encounters should be enough to keep my mind focused on the task in hand and stop me getting too worked up over something, of which, I have no control.
      Cheers for the comment; hoping Bronwyn and you are keeping well - Dyl