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Monday 6 May 2019

Insanity, upheaval & unexpected encounters

I've never had any ambition, or desire, to be a rich man - enough is as good as a feast being my belief. I've witnessed, first hand, what the lust for money can do as it ripped my family apart, such is the greed culture incumbent in modern society. I've always worked hard and been paid accordingly, no great shakes. I'd no concept of the pension system that Unilever had in place, whilst I was in their employment? On Friday I got a letter, yes they still use the postal system, which informed me that my pension fund was worth over £200,000 - you what? I only worked there for eighteen years! I still intend to fulfil my Fujifilm SIS contract and will continue working until I'm 66, but it's very comforting that the future is secure because of this crazy situation. Cum Tuesday, I'll be seeking additional advice from the FSIS HR department, followed up by a chat with a financial adviser at Lloyds - my bank since 1973.
So how about this upheaval lark? Well Bev's mum, Denise, has now moved into our bungalow and will remain here until her health dictates otherwise. As a consequence we will be able to be far more reactive although it will, no doubt, have an impact on our daily routine. One aspect of this situation, that's a positive, is Bev will no longer be using £60 of diesel, every week, travelling to and fro between Dumpton and Herne Bay. That this also means social services play no role in Denise's care ensures I feel no guilt when exploring the benefits system, a system that Denise (& Ron), Bev & I have contributed into all our working lives. Therefore, a pot we've earned the right to dip into whilst we're providing 24 hr care. Murderers, rapists and ISIS brides are "entitled" to receive legal aid, regardless of their negative contributions to UK society; so we'll claim whatever is rightfully ours, not a penny more.

In my previous post I'd made mention of how fate would have to intervene if I were to record a Kent Turtle Dove during 2019. Wouldn't you know it? There was one "purring" away behind Homersham Lake, Marshside, on Sunday evening - result! A week previous there had been a Nightingale in the wooded shrub area, to the south of the same fishery, singing heartily. This is possibly the same individual that has now set up territory near the Shuart railway crossing at Reculver Marshes? Even better than this was the most surreal sighting of a Hoopoe flying over the houses of Deal's London Road, as Bev and I took Harry for lemonade and cake at the pier, Thursday 2nd May, after collecting him from school.
I have to admit that I did also take a sneaky wander down to the Garage Pool, at Pegwell, in the hope of seeing the Spoonbill which had been reported by SBBOT. It wasn't present when I got there but consolation came in the form of an Avocet actively feeding along the far margin of the pool. With our Greek sojourn getting ever closer, birding has provided rather a pleasant side show.


  1. Great post Dyl.
    Money can mean many things to many people, but lately appears to have become the weapon of mass consumption. Though history would suggest that weapons used as a solution to a problem has questionable outcomes.

    Personally speaking, my interests didn't directly involve money. Having money simply allows me to keep those interests. While having more money keeps me from having to swim with the sharks who would take down anyone not able to swim fast enough or who are drowning.

    Those who have chosen the world of consumption and acquisition of material possessions as their driving force are...I really don't know! Beyond my mentality to understand the point of it all.

    There's a book called The Goshawk by T.H. White. In it, he makes reference to 'the lust for power in adolescent battle which led men into business and Rolls Royce motor cars and war. Many answers within convince me that you and me are on the right tracks.

    Good luck with everything.

    1. Cheers for this. I work to live, not the other way round. It's quite a simple philosophy, but one that has allowed me to experience so many other aspects of life and the natural history which share the same space. My opinions are based upon this viewpoint and are neither right or wrong because of it; each to their own is also a rule by which I like to adhere, although not always successfully!
      Take care & stay safe - Dylan