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Wednesday, 22 May 2019

We're back

Well that week went quickly, wish time at work passed as fast, or do I really? Bev and I have just had a wonderful break, enjoying the Greek sunshine and hospitality, as experienced staying at The Anna Maria Paradise complex, Pefkohori. It was ten years ago we were last in the area and so much has changed, but not for the better, in the interim; so plenty of material to blog about over the next few days. As is typical, of our Mediterranean sojourns, Bev needs nothing more than the sun and a pool whilst I require somewhere to wander, habitat to explore, binoculars and camera kit to hand.
Just to offer a flavour of what's to come, I'll share a few images which will help set the scene.

I'd never taken the time, previously, to study the nest building techniques of Red-rumped Swallow and House Martin.
That the Swallow picks up the mud between the mandibles is, very much, in contrast to the Martins
technique of balancing the same material on the upper mandible. Quite interesting, if you're of that mind set?

A flower - just for Steve Gale! Yes mate, I even looked at plants!!!

So there you have it, just a taster of what I've experienced over the passed week. There were plenty of highs, I even managed a "lifer", but there is also a real downer on the whole Pefkohori experience, based upon my previous visits.


  1. Welcome home Dyl. Let me guess, was it another case of 'what you came to see', has been destroyed by those who realise they can make money from those who 'did' come to see and would quite likely return.
    I mean, they don't give a toss about you or anything to do with the natural world. But the attraction of the place is all they need to convince the clowns in charge that 'building all over the place will be a good thing', as regards the local economy, due to all the tourists that will be arriving.

    1. I won't spoil the next post by spilling the beans, here - but you're not too far from the mark!

  2. Gorgeous photos, mate! Let's talk soon about what fishing adventures you've got planned! I'm getting excited about the summer season. On the birding front, I want to photograph a Hobby hunting... Can't wait... Gazza

    1. Hi Gazza,

      Yep; I'm also really excited by the prospects of the forth-coming season. I'll email you and we'll have to arrange a meet? As for getting photos of hunting Hobby, you'd do a lot worse than visit Seaton GP's at this time of year. It's like Stodmarsh, but quieter, same number of birds present all the same!

      Speak soon - Dylan

  3. Won't be long before we're all having to go to the Med. to see swallows and martins collecting nest material.