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Saturday, 25 May 2019

Pefkohori wanderings

I always look forward to my holiday time, around the Mediterranean, because it allows me to become a birder again, even if only for a short while. One thing's for sure, I soon realise how out of practice I am, especially the auditory side of this fabulous pastime. Birding, like this, is almost like starting out again, the kid in a sweet shop excitement returns. The simple joy of being outdoors, looking at anything that grabs my interest, is a magical mix of memories and discovery. I'll use this post to concentrate on the best bits that visiting new places is capable of providing; the negative stuff can wait for another time!

A decade is a long time, although seem to pass a lot faster the older I get? It was 2009 when Bev and I were last in the resort and much had changed. The distance I needed to walk, to get beyond the developed area, was greater than the earlier visits but, once out into the Greek countryside, the thrills were much the same. The views are stunning, habitat/terrain unlike anything I've experienced elsewhere around the Med, and the birds, similarly, unfamiliar and worthy of prolonged study. With just a seven day window, I went at it full on and paid the price; aching limbs and sunburn being my added reward  - so not a bad deal? Getting back to work was a doddle by comparison.
Each day I set out with a plan, hoping to relive some of the fantastic adventures that I'd enjoyed ten years earlier. Although I never did quite reach those dizzy heights, it was still time and effort well rewarded by some stunning encounters.

I came very close to completely screwing this "lifer" up. Thankfully the EOS saved the day
The ancient Canon EOS 350d and even older Baush & Lomb 8x42 Elite binos were, once again, put through their paces as I sought to discover the avian gems of this wondrous landscape. If I wasn't looking at birds, then assorted bugs, butterflies, lizards and even plants ensured there was never a dull moment. Because pictures say so much more than my words ever can, I'll share some of the images that were taken whilst on my walkabouts.

Happy days indeed. A cold Mythos and a decent meal, as close to perfection as it gets.

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