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An individual, of no great importance, who is unable to see the natural world as a place for competition. I catch fish, watch birds, derive immense pleasure from simply looking at butterflies, moths, bumble-bees, etc - without the need for rules! I am Dylan and this is my blog - if my opinions offend? Don't bother logging on again - simple!


Monday 1 April 2019

Moving on

There's no getting away from the obvious - it's been a very testing time, just lately and Bev has been an absolute rock! Still got Denise, her mum, to care for and hopefully the social services can assist with this task? We'll see? A break is what's required and, today, we've booked a week away in Pefkohori, a place we last visited in May 2009. It's mainland Greece, if you're remotely interested.
I've been looking back through the archives and there are some very special memories recalled as a result. Way back in 2009 birding was still my primary obsession (hobby?) and there were loads of "lifers" to be found whilst wandering around the countryside that is adjacent to the resort. What is most amusing is the fact that I was still digi-scoping, thus required to carry a scope and tri-pod, plus my Nikon "Coolpix" 7600 compact - all seven million pixels worth! In 2019 it'll be a very different set-up. The Canon and Sigma 170 - 500 mm, plus assorted other lenses/tubes, I'll be better prepared than ever, to get images of the creatures that I stumble across during our stay.

Eastern Olivaceous Warbler - an adult male; it had been singing!

Male Masked Shrike, a lifer recorded with a digi-scope set up

Rock Sparrow

I well remember Nigel Jarman, one of the Bockhill crew, telling me how I'd be blown away when Bev and I first visited the Med, way back in 2001. He was spot on and I've had reason to recall those words on many an occasion when raising the binoculars in the direction of another "lifer". The habitat/climate is unlike anything I've encountered in the UK and, subsequently the birdlife is also very different. I don't require a guide, I'll discover what ever I can and the birds I miss will remain unknown, not a grip via the internet news services.  Still got a few fish to chase before the holiday, and hopefully I'll get back into the groove of regular blog updates. Time is a great healer. A funeral without the God Squad - it really was a strange concept for me, but we need a break, that's for sure.


  1. As a life-long non believer I've attended a few funerals without the God Squad and much prefer them. Even simpler are the Direct type whereby you simply ring up the undertakers, as arranged, tell them a parent has died and they collect the body and have it cremated. No attendance by anybody - simples!
    I used to enjoy the Med. for holidays until I got hooked on the Caribbean - fantastic places.

    1. Hi Derek,
      Thanks for this, although I have to say that a "pauper's funeral" wouldn't be in keeping with my own values, as handed down by my parents. Paying the last respects by actually attending a service, in whatever guise, is something I see as the correct thing to do for this final act, God Squad or not?
      Holiday destinations - the places where memories are made. The Caribbean? Bev and I will get there before too long - in the mean time, the Med still has plenty to offer. Great to hear from you - take care mate - Dyl

  2. Hi Dylan, have a great time on your holiday old friend, I’m already waiting in anticipation for some of your photos. Your shots are really cool, love em.
    I too am a not a member of the “God squad” I agree your statement for the correct thing to do. For me a final service is about honouring the memories showing respect and giving thanks for the time I had with those whom we have loved and passed, sadly an experience we are enduring more as our own walk of life erodes.
    Love and best wishes to Bev and family, we need to setup a meet for catch-up!


    1. Cheers Bob,

      We're really looking forward to spending a week away, but have still got to get things sorted out for Bev's mum before any of the fun stuff can happen! I'm not too sure when we'll next be up to Hemel, but when we are I'll get Bev to message you. There are plans to take Emily and Harry up to Whipsnade Zoo, during the summer holiday, which will probably involve an overnighter at Tim's. Also, Steve Baron has just taken control of Chalkdell, so I'm planning to get back for another days' beating, next season; just one last time - like the old days! Sye and Benno are up for it; surely you would be able to come along with the camera just to get some memory shots?
      So much to do and time rapidly running out? We'll have to make a meet happen in the near future - hopefully not at a funeral?
      Hoping you, Wendy and the family are well - take care - Dyl

  3. Hello Dylan- Sounds like you've earned some time in the sun, mate. I like that hoopoe picture- the rumour goes that one landed in Pegwell in early April. Quite a few birders hit the area, apparently... Would love to see one, in England, or anywhere. Best Regards, Gaz