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Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Politics & Saharan moon "ghosties"

I have to admit that finding enthusiasm to write blog posts is a real challenge, at present. So much other stuff going on the world, way beyond my little bit, that it's very difficult to comprehend what's important any more. Our political elite have demonstrated that they're incapable of running a bath, let alone our country. On getting the EU to allow for a Brexit extension, they immediately go on Easter recess. No wonder the UK is now a laughing stock, even that fake tanned buffoon has more credibility than this shambolic assembly of egos. Three years after the referendum and we'll be holding MEP elections, cum May 23rd - what the f**k?
Then, just when you think it couldn't get any more surreal, up pop the Extinction Rebellion "sheep" Now don't get me wrong, the individual's right to protest, within our democracy, is nailed on and, there can be no denying the urgency of addressing issues involved in climate change. However, what sort of moron thinks that super-gluing themselves to a train is going to change anything and garner support for the cause? Isn't encouraging the use of public transport part of the solution to this problem? The Metropolitan police might be quite happy to engage in this folly, how would it go down in Shanghai or Moscow? If climate change is to be addressed then, surely, the major players need to be targeted? Pissing off the populous of London, whilst having "fun" involved in passive rebellion - get a life! If the protesters are really serious about getting their concerns noticed on the "world stage" then wait until Donald Trump visits, in June, and disrupt that showcase event. After all, Mr Trump is the number one supporter of these "fake news" stories and pissing off the most powerful individual in the free world might have a little more global impact than shutting Oxford Circus with a pink boat and getting in the way of tourists going shopping?
Lyra McKee's funeral - I don't think there's anything to say that hasn't already been said. The parting shot, by Father Martin Magill, was a stroke of genius and really hit at the heart of this senseless loss of life caused by political failures.
With those thoughts out of the way, what else has been happening?  Well quite a lot recently. I've caught plenty and also seen a nice mix of newly arrived summer migrant bird species. Best of all was, last Saturday morning whilst attending a Wantsum AA work party, I bumped into Chris & Anne Hindle, quickly followed by Marc Heath. Absolutely fantastic to spend time chatting with these stalwarts of the Kent birding (& dragonfly) scene. It's been far too long since we last spent time in each others company.

A scamp "ghostie" - great fun on the right tackle
My surface caught target of one hundred carp, before 16th June, looks very reachable; I'm presently on fifty-eight. The Easter break was great fun, especially as the sun shone brightly and a high pressure system dominated the full moon period. As the moon rose, on Good Friday, it was immediately apparent that the Saharan dust, suspended in the atmosphere, was playing tricks with the colour. I couldn't help myself and rattled off a series of shots to attempt to capture the event.

Easter Monday; I'm back and take my third "double" of this silly project. Only thing is that Benno was also present, along with my grandson, Bryn, his (my) mates Luke, Tom plus Max. They'd been fishing for a couple of hours before I arrived and Benno had already taken a sixteen, plus, Common Carp on his fly rod, a carp heavier than anything I've caught at the venue. It was his first fish, how unfair is that?

All very arty-farty - fly rod propped on his shoulder. Lovely carp all the same!
I took a mirror of 12 lbs 10 oz, along with another six scamps, just because I wanted to make the most of this window of high pressure. Great fun using the Hardy "Palakona" Perfection Roach, in conjunction with an ABU Cardinal 55, 4.5 lbs b.s. line and a size 6 Korda "Wide-gape", baited with a small cube of Co-op Wholemeal bread.

Work remains hectic, the welfare of Bev's mum still very much central to our lives, thus things are very much in limbo at present. Looking forward; our Pefkohori break can't come quick enough - although I have no desire to wish my life away


  1. Good to see you briefly Dyl last weekend. You're looking well. A few more quality fish to add to your growing list. Keep up the blog. Always an interesting read.

    1. Shame it was such a brief chat, there's so much more we could have spoken about? Hopefully I'll be spending more time in the area, once the season starts on 16th June - who knows? Keep taking the photos and making those fabulous dragonfly images available to us, via your blog.
      Take care & stay safe - Dyl