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Monday 21 January 2019

That moon

If there's a benefit from working early shifts then, this morning, I hit the jackpot. The BBC News/Weather pages had been raving about the Blood Wolf Moon and, apparently, there won't be another until December 2029! My alarm rattled off the wake up call at 04.50 hrs and I had 25 minutes to grab my shower and get dressed before the eclipse reached its' climax. Here, on Thanet, conditions for sky-watching were perfect although, sadly, my camera skills were woefully short. The images being a poor record of a spectacular event, in fact so spectacular that Bev even got up to witness the phenomenon.

20.01.2019 - 23.00 hrs 

21.01.2019 - 05.15 hrs (Quite magnificent when viewed through my binoculars!)
I make no claims of being remotely interested in astronomy, but I certainly enjoyed this extraordinary sight in the sky above our garden.


  1. Glad you and Bev got to see it. First I knew of it was a photo on Facebook this morning! I rarely watch tv and never put the news on so wasn't even aware there was to be something so spectacular going on! *sigh* Never mind....only another ten years to wait! hahaha

    1. Hi Gill,
      Many thanks for the comment. I, too, very rarely watch T/V, but have taken to watching the news due to the shambolic display of our political elite and their self-serving behaviour in the Brexit circus. Fate did play a major part in my seeing the lunar eclipse, as I was on early shift, thus needed to be awake at that time anyway. Wishing you a nature filled 2019 - Dylan