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Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Thanks Camo

Alan "Camo" Turner has a small tackle shop, in Ramsgate, which I use regularly to obtain various items of terminal tackle, get a free coffee and stay in the loop with all things local (in angling terms). It is now the hub for all of Thanet's freshwater fishermen/women and a nice place for an exchange of ideas, news and opinions. Alan's an incredibly successful carp angler, with many big fish to his name, and I am very happy to be a supporter of his business venture which is quite a gamble in these times of Internet tackle suppliers.
He e mailed me, today, asking if it was OK to use a couple of my photos, one of me and one of Benno, in his advertising at The Big One; a massive tackle show at Farnborough 24th & 25th March 2018? His request was just common courtesy but, completely, unnecessary such is our friendship.

It's rather flattering when you see yourself in the media, under these type of circumstances, so I must be doing something right? It's been a lot of years since I courted such exposure, deliberately, and I'm pleased that it is now to promote someone else's endeavours rather than any egotistical self aggrandisement!


  1. It's not before time Dyl. I imagine that your down to earth blogs about the local fishing scene must of been read by a number of people and perhaps inspired them in their own efforts.

    1. Cheers Derek, it would be nice to think that I've provided a spark of an idea in a few anglers who read this blog. I've certainly had some positive comments from total strangers when I've been successful, so it would seem that there are still some genuine folk out in blogland who enjoy what I write about. Wet enough on Sheppey yet? Bloody saturated here - Dyl

  2. Wet and muddy here now but only inches in the ditches, not the feet of water that we badly need. A dry March will quickly dry it all out again.