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Monday, 19 February 2018

Iden Lock morning

I've been going nuts, the weather has been all over the place and, as such, my desire to get out with the rods has been tempered by the variable conditions. It'd been twenty-three days since I last cast a baited hook and, man, it was fantastic to get out again. Iden Lock, on the Royal Military Canal, was my chosen venue and involves a 90 minute drive, from Thanet, across the county border into East Sussex. Leaving home, just before 04.30 hrs, the car display registered -2C as I passed through Wingham, Canterbury and Ashford before settling at 0C out on the marsh. Two rods fishing by 06.30 hrs it was a beautiful clear, crisp dawn, the temperature rising steadily as the sun rose. I missed my first chance, just forty minutes in, on a Mackerel tail section, but wasn't overly concerned.

Two Duncan Kay's fitted with Matt Haye's centre-pins. My swim on the RMC at Iden Lock
I finished the session with just one pike, around 6 lbs, from three bites. Dropped baits are a regular feature at this pressurized venue and I will have to work much harder at my bait presentation and bite registration if I am to succeed in my attempt at a double from this section of the canal. Birding, however, was excellent with four additions to my year list in the shape of Raven (2), Stonechat, Yellowhammer and Coal Tit, plus a nice supporting cast of other species. I packed up at 10.30 hrs, very happy with my morning and already making plans for a return visit. With the traditional close season, still applying to this stretch of the canal, I don't have long to make it happen.


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    1. BB, so sorry for the delay in this reply - quite hectic around Dumpton Manor at present! Being back on the bank was great, but I didn't feel that I'd fished particularly well. If it mattered I would have ringed the changes and worked at it - couldn't be arsed if the truth were known. Hoping to get back on Sunday, with Benno, and have another bash, this time with some radical change of bait presentation. Only by trying will I get an answer - Dyl