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Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Getting heavy

What to do?  Enthusiasm is at a very low ebb, weather patterns, cold conditions and lethargy rule my thoughts as I attempt to make it through my daily routine. The rods propped, redundant, against the study wall, my gear is stowed away, bait in the freezer, all awaiting an upward change in temperatures and daylight hours. Plenty of ideas for the future, but what about now? I'm really struggling to do much beyond going to work - now that has to be sad! Or is it?

Bev and I are now in a very comfortable position, financially, and have been able to do things which were unthinkable before the passing of my Father, my inheritance being a life changing sum. Bev's Hyundai IX20  has morphed into a Mazda CX-5 SUV and my Mazda 5 MPV will soon be replaced by a VW Caddy, so far more suited for transporting smelly fishing tackle. Why? Because we can! At present we've got an architect submitting plans, to Thanet Council, for an extension and a builder awaiting instructions to "do a job" restructuring the interior of our bungalow. Exciting times for us, means Jack Shit to anyone else. It's not about boasting, it is a reflection of how the hard work of my parents has given us an opportunity to do the same for our children, when the time comes. These are the core values that hold my family together and make it a very strong entity. I reckon I've got another four years before I pack it in. A very pleasant situation when I go to work because I want to, not because I have to - and man, does that piss some people off?  All the more reason to keep at it; every penny earned is ours, to do with as we wish. Jealousy is a powerful poison and, sadly, manifests itself in many guises as workmates (not friends) make snide comment upon my continued presence in the factory. I really don't care what they'd do; I'm me and will make my own decisions.

"Money is the root of all evil" and I firmly agree with this sentiment, having witnessed, first hand, the catastrophic fall-out between family members when St. Faith's at Ash was up for sale. My brothers and I have agreed that such events will never beset our relationship and have placed family values far above the dollar as a result. Maybe it's an easy thing to say when all three of us are "comfortable"?
Greed is a major player in modern society; a feast is never enough, I want more! Want, a massive word when compared to need and completely at odds with the Christian teachings we were influenced by as we grew up within the family unit. Mum & Dad devout, Tim, Sye and myself, didn't buy in - yet have no reason to question the power of faith or the comfort derived from religious belief. I've enjoyed some very "deep" exchanges with religious folk, of many doctrines, over the years, yet have never been inspired by their "God Squad" message or that fairy tale book of rules, they call the Bible! It's not that I don't want to believe in an after life, just can't align myself to this ridiculous tale of "Chinese Whispers" that subsequent translations has produced as the years progressed and the story evolved. Interfaith intolerance, completely at odds with any teachings each religion is based upon, has caused bloodshed and misery over the centuries, only matched by the quest for power, thus wealth, yet it continues to this very day because humanity is incapable of learning the lessons from our past. If you've made it this far, I'm very sorry for the "off piste" subject matter and the heavy moral vibe - it's just where my head's at during this period of crap weather. Note to self - you're getting more like Derek Faulkner by the day, snap out of it! Letters from Dumpton?
It does have quite a nice ring, so I'll keep my powder dry and see where it leads. Toodle-pip - Dyl


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    1. Steve,
      Not sure if it's a good, or bad. thing? But becoming a moany old git does seem to be par for the course!

  2. I'm raring to go but lack of wheels temporarily is holding me back. Still, we wake up everyday so life is good and what we make of it. Good luck with your refit. Bureboy Villa is geting a bit tired now so we will need to start making some decisions soon ourselves.

    1. BB,
      Waking up in the morning is great. If ever I do and I don't ache, then I know I'm dead! The post is a bit of a mish mash of stuff that is currently going on in my little world. I am particularly bothered by the jealousy aspect of my situation, struggling to understand why people worry about me and not themselves?
      Sunday looks favourite for my first outing, in quite some time, and the RMC my destination, pike gear to the fore. Building work and new vehicles, courtesy of my Father's will - nothing I have done. Take care & tight lines - Dylan

  3. Dyl, above all else, money is about having choices. Your workmates want all the choices you now have, but their view of the situation is flawed. They fall into the trap of assuming because you work where they work, you should be the same and have the same as them regardless of other factors.
    If you have more money than they do, they feel it's unfair or that you have cheated in some way. If they are particular stupid, they'll regard the difference as a form of insult.
    What they really want is 'their' lives but with your money. But would they take your arthritis as part of the deal as well?

    1. Ric, wise words indeed. What you must understand is that I've worked in factory-type environs since 1975 and have more than enough thick skin to deal with these snipers. I find it rather good sport to trade banter, with the majority, or downright insults with the more spiteful individuals. I'm very comfortable within these surroundings and have enough experience to hold my own in the vast majority of situations. If I should feel that it's getting out of hand, I simply walk away - it really is that easy. As I said, jealousy is a powerful poison, fortunately for me - none of my colleagues have anything I could possibly get jealous about. It's not in my make-up, to be worrying about what others might have, my life is good and has always been so, even before my inheritance came into the equation.
      Any plans for getting back to Tring? It might be something to do when the temperatures rise and we might be able to arrange a social session - Sye would be up for it, as would my son. We could really put the world to rights then? - Dyl

  4. Dyl, I had some plans for getting to grips with perch or roach, but that has become a bit awkward since being informed that there probably aren't any left. I might have one or two goes aiming to tag just a single relic fish, that'll be one cast of a feeder and leave it job. Other than that; and in much warmer conditions, the Tench could be worth a go.
    I have no idea of the current status of the species but that could be favourite. Should be a laugh. How does that sound? - Ric