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Saturday, 1 July 2017

Abject failure

Well that's that! A week of concentrated effort; targeting two species and I've ended up with nothing to show for my efforts. One missed catfish being as close as I got - pitiful? Fortunately, my shortcomings have no effect on the rest of the world. My bruised ego is a burden I'll deal with - there's certainly no doubt that I'm big enough (and ugly enough) to cope with this perceived failure.

Just to rub my nose in it - Benno took three catfish during our session, best one going 24 lbs 8 oz - so there can be no excuses. I simply wasn't good enough with my approach/bait choice/methods !

Not good enough! My inability to catch a fish is of no consequence to any other individual on the planet, although it might provide some with a smile? I've been doing my best to keep abreast with the unfolding political nonsense, which has arisen since the catastrophic result of the General Election. Mrs May screwed it up "big time!" The blame lays firmly at her door (and that of her advisers) the buck stops there! Her actions, unlike mine, do impact directly upon the lives of the citizens of the UK and, as such, she has a responsibility to act in such way as to allay any fears and attempt to do what is right in the common good of the majority of our population. As an individual she has proven to be incapable of "human compassion" hence the  "Maybot" tag. The bigger issue is that of the Conservative Party being so far removed from 2017 as needing to be given a reality slap. Politicians, of all persuasions, are lying, self-serving, con artists - can't hear too many dissenting opinions to that glib summary.

I cannot believe that it has taken Damian Green to point out the fact that the Conservative Party has lost the vote of the 18 - 35 year olds. A generation of hard working, well educated, citizens who are unable to get on the housing ladder because of the systemic failure of our political process. To add insult, to injury, Theresa May then pledges to impose a stealth tax on that generation of "middle England" who had taken up the Thatcher option to own their own home - probably the most fertile Conservative spawning ground there is! The whole political system needs a kick up the arse. Corbyn is no better than Blair - the whole lot of them are a disgrace. There are many major issues facing the UK, surely a consensus Government, drawing from across the political divides, is our only hope. We are the fifth biggest economy on the globe - there can be no reason for austerity unless it's to protect the interests of the insanely wealthy elite minority?

You're very right! I only went to Halsey Secondary School and have worked in factories for my entire working life. What could I possibly know about the real world? Everything - I live in it!

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  1. Dyl, politicians never appear to tell the truth because that's the way the public wants it.
    What TM did wrong, was not to make up a bunch of fairy stories to gain a bigger share of the vote. Her (TM) doing nothing was the nearest to the truth we are likely to get. Note the young voting for Corbyn.
    Harsh reality isn't something the modern voter can handle. We can blame growing up in a welfare state for that one. Too many people opt out of self reliance because they assume no matter how much they screw up, the state will step in and save them. It wasn't always so. Go back to when our parents were kids and it was do or die, literally. That bred a different mentality. Borrowing money to spend on consumer items for a start. Wasn't done.
    The masses demand an ever increasing standard of living. The politicians give in to the demand and engineer a way for the public to get it. So we now have an era of living on credit, while the hard yards of work and employment gets rather less effective.
    Type 'inflation calculator' into Google and see the way house prices has gone mental. My own parents bought a house in 1964 for a sum of money which nowadays; allowing for all other forms of inflation, would be one sixth of what the today's price is. No wonder our young have been priced out of the market.
    As for the standard of living. Yes, the public could have it. But no one told them (too strongly) that if they did it on credit, one day they may have to give it back.
    It's starting already. And it's messy.