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Tuesday 18 July 2017

A special little fish

I have just e-mailed the fifth monthly article about, Bryn, my grandson's angling exploits to Barry Reed - the Editor of Freshwater Informer. Click Here for my July effort. I was moved to offer my services having read Barry's February editorial relating to a sorry episode involving social media and, carp angler, brand label snobbery aimed at a young angler who's Christmas gifts weren't expensive enough to be worthy of display? So far things have been very well received with feedback being both encouraging and positive, thus the editor is happy with my offerings.

Bryn with a typical "snotter" (Bronze Bream) from Sandwich Coarse Fishery
On Sunday afternoon, whilst Bev was watching the Men's Final at Wimbledon, Benno, Bryn and I were down at Sandwich Coarse Fishery attempting to get some more images to accompany this latest update. I was on camera duty whilst the other two were doing their thing. Suddenly Bryn exclaimed "It's very long!" as he swung in another small fish. He'd been catching a succession of roach and perch; his latest capture was neither species. It was a gudgeon, Bryn's first and a species which I'd not seen for many years. It took me back to my childhood when this species was the bread and butter for any youngster entering the hobby. I found myself attempting to explain to a nine year old that this small fish was the equal of anything else he had captured. I'm unsure if I succeeded, but he did offer "a new PB then?" as a parting shot!

That special little fish - a gudgeon!
In today's, carp dominated, angling such fish are barely given any credence by the unthinking hoards of carp chasers. Angling apprenticeships have been reduced to a shopping trip and an off the shelf instant angler is purchased, not evolved.

"How can this be the same as a gudgeon?" 
Grand-dad playing a feisty carp whilst Bryn is on net duty. Only by experiencing these
moments can angling become anything more than a fad?

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