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Friday 7 July 2017

A Celebration of Sparrows

The House Sparrows of Thanet have enjoyed a bumper breeding season and are being seen in numbers that cause comment from "ordinary" folk. My garden feeding station frequently hosts 25 - 30 birds whilst many others are perched in the surrounding vegetation awaiting their turn at the feeders. Getting accurate counts is virtually impossible as the birds are constantly on the move between the gardens. This might be a project for later in the year when the leaves start to drop?
If the collective noun for a group of Goldfinches is a "Charm" then surely this sudden increase in sparrow numbers must warrant the use of a "Celebration" to describe the massed ranks around our gardens?
A handsome male House Sparrow in the garden Christmas Tree
Plenty of other wildlife to keep me amused as I go about my daily chores. Humming-bird Hawk moths are almost a daily occurrence during these warm days. The first was nectaring on the Red Valerian along our driveway but, of late, they have been feeding on the Budlehias in the back garden.
A nice variety of butterflies has also been drawn to this food source and I have been playing around with the camera gear when time allows.

Lots going on in my little world, at present, hopefully I will be able to report some positive stuff very soon - fingers crossed!

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