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Friday 23 June 2017

The temptation of fate?

Things have conspired to allow me a "window" in which to pursue a sustained period of angling. I've still got to earn a living, thus work has to be attended, but this next week will see me spending more time on the bank than any other period since Loch Awe in 2016. I have two targets, both of which are very achievable given the venues I have at my disposal. Can I catch a carp and catfish in excess of twenty pounds during the next seven days?

Luke - 27 lbs 5 oz
It all kicks off tomorrow afternoon and I hope to be blogging about the first session early on Sunday morning. I have loads of ideas that I want to explore and expand upon, as the week progresses. My initial target is a twenty pound plus carp, although I would readily accept a seven pound tench as failure (compensation) !

Benno with a 24! - one of three he caught that session (Nice phone call whilst I was stuck in Tenerife!)
Benno and I are booked on a small commercial, mid-week, and will hopefully rectify some of the issues we'd experienced on our first visit. As you can see, my regular angling companions have taken the piss and sneaked a couple of sessions in whilst I was stranded on Tenerife. My only hope is that it will be my turn soon - this coming week will be just the job!

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