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Sunday, 25 June 2017

Session One plus

As promised; back home after a very uneventful night. One major positive is that the weed rake performed superbly and I was able to fish my rigs confidently. However, I fear that my efforts to remove the offending weed ensured I scared whatever fish were in the vicinity and they were in no hurry to return despite my generous baiting. A couple of twitchy pulls on the maize came to nothing, yet there were encouraging signs as I packed up this morning. Going back for another bash this evening, having baited up.

A  very cozy little swim with many features to fish too. This particular section of the drain isn't much more than three rod
 lengths wide, so perfect for centre-pin fishing.
A very helpful session with plenty to remain optimistic about. I'll report on session two when it's happened!

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