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Wednesday, 7 June 2017

A French spam-bot! If only that was all I had to worry about?

Blogging is great for the ego - the stats, that are generated by Google, warm the cockles of your heart when things are going well. For whatever reason, of late, Of Esox has been subjected to a systematic surge in popularity with the same group of posts getting identical "hits" every 25/30 minutes. For every page view I receive from the UK there have been seven from France - merci beaucoup!

Graph of Blogger page views
I know not how, and care even less, about such cyber shenanigans -  the graphical evidence looks great!

Strange, as it may seem, I love maths, the interpretation of statistics and the way they can be used to derive answers from apparent chaos. All this said, I don't see much sense being made of the current electoral process being played out on national and social media in the run up to Thursday's General Election? The major players have provided an embarrassing display. The only reason they've not become a global laughing stock is because that "fake tanned buffoon", on the other side of the Atlantic, has the monopoly on incompetence/stupidity in public office in 2017.
I have the added problem of being a voter in South Thanet. Our standing MP is the only one that hasn't been cleared of electoral expenses fraud from the 2015 election. A ploy which meant that Nigel Farage has been beaten by a cheat - he should be my MP. It is beyond doubt that he voices many things that the ordinary man worries about, although I concede that he is not the greatest diplomat ever walked! The thing about UKIP is they aren't ever going to be the government, yet they represent the disenfranchised Labour voters who can't align with the "Socialists" since the (War Crime escapee) Tony Blur, blur, blar, blarrrrrrrrrrrrrrr "New Labour" fiasco!

Do any of our party political leaders instill a feeling of confidence in their ability to negotiate our way out of the EU?  Is there one amongst them who you'd trust to look after your budgie, let alone the NHS? We vote on Thursday - cum Friday morning our destiny (as a Nation) will be more chaotic than before because the paucity of the candidates we have to vote for - so few are fit for purpose. A strong, stable, government? - not on the evidence of this election campaign!

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