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Monday 20 July 2015

Still haven't found what I'm looking for!

It seems to me that my, decidedly limited, ability, to see the obvious, is getting worse with the aging process? My efforts to identify some of the "micro-moths" that have been discovered, within the confines of my MV, are proving more than a little testing! I'll be the first to admit that I'm not fully committed to the venture - at the moment - there are so many other thing going on in my little world.
I can't be doing with the scientific nomenclature - get an English name and I'm far more likely to connect two and two?

Emily chose this Dot Moth, over a Privet Hawk!
I cannot deny the fascination that this group are providing - diversity beyond anything I've previously bothered to explore. Fascinating, frustrating and totally enjoyable - just how all natural history encounters should be and that's the key for me! A journey of discovery, pushing myself beyond my current limitations, but not to the extent that I loose track of why I'm looking in the first place. The purchase of Micro Moths of Great Britain and Ireland has created more questions than answers - bloody brilliant!

I have the option to acquire a set of four volumes of Moths of Britain & Western Europe - good old Dad! I'll have trouble finding space on the shelves of my over-stocked library - hey-ho! There are far bigger problems in the world? Will they make moth id any easier? I have no idea, but everything that might assist my efforts is more than welcomed. Franny dropped off a bunch of egg boxes this morning - he didn't knock the door (why?) cheers mate, many thanks, just what the doctor ordered!

Paraswammerdamia nebulella - common
Argyresthia retinella - a common species apparently?
I bet there aren't too many Thanet residents that have ever seen one!

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