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Tuesday 28 July 2015

Not why? But; why not?

The opening slide from the last "show" I did - same old routine. A pissed up hippy with raucous stories and
great photos - I think it went OK? Don't remember!
My head is in the clouds, I've gotten into a campaign that has everything which I hold dear - I'm living in that dream of yesteryear, the secluded fisheries, wondrous wildlife and the chance of hooking a, previously un-caught, fish of unknown proportions. That I am able to back this up by using my ancient tackle just makes the situation more surreal - heaven on earth and all that stuff! I was chatting with one of my work colleagues, today, and he was in disbelief at my new plan of action. "Why are you changing this/that?" He's one of a number of the, very successful, carp anglers with whom I work. It would be pointless attempting to reply with anything which devalues these superb fish, I simply desire to seek new adventures - that "twenty-plus" wild common was so much more than I'd ever  hoped for - time to explore new avenues, my quest for knowledge/ new experiences paralleled by the desire to remain faithful to these intimate venues. (Sorry mate, it's why I haven't published your comment, no can tell - I'll explain why when we next bump in to each other but, a similar story to your owls - I would imagine?)
Without pushing myself, I'll learn very little more about these wild places, or the fish populations which reside in their crystal clear waters. My water craft will be tested, as will my techniques, but I wouldn't wish it any other way. I went to bed, last night, reading Len Head's "Tench" (ISBN 0-946284-72-5) there's stuff inside this, brilliant, 1986 monograph which still has relevance in 2015. Rod Hutchinson's chapter, alone, has enough information to keep me busy for a few more years yet. But, it is the possibilities of a large perch which are too good to ignore, all the ingredients are in place? So in answer to that original question "Why change?" - I'll offer this repost "Why not?" Here we are, back again, within my industrial comfort zone and the concept of "continual improvement" and "sacred" cows!" - I'm still not sure that, within this context, they are happy bed fellows?

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