Who am I?

An individual, of no great importance, who is unable to see the natural world as a place for competition. I catch fish, watch birds, derive immense pleasure from simply looking at butterflies, moths, bumble-bees, etc - without the need for rules! I am Dylan and this is my blog - if my opinions offend? Don't bother logging on again - simple!


Wednesday 24 December 2014

Christmas wish list

This isn't the silly Miss World stuff - wide-eyed bimbo "World Peace!" crap - although I would find it impossible to offer a counter argument! No - my wish list is of far more mundane fare - realistic and achievable (a throw back to my Unilever days) - what would I like for Christmas and beyond?
If this format looks familiar - blame Steve Gale!

No. 1 - Health and happiness - the continued love of all things family orientated - already got it!
No. 2 - A secure and enjoyable job (I can't use the term career at my age) - already got one!
No. 3 - To continue to be amazed at what is to be discovered, sharing my space, whenever my eyes are open - never gonna end all the while my grandchildren play such an important part in my life!

In May 1982 -  this pike was photographed at Loch Ascog - Isle of Bute
Why do I go pike fishing? If this image doesn't do it - then it shows why you and I are so very different!
No. 4 - To land a Carp and Pike which are bigger than my present PB's - Carp should be relatively straightforward - the Pike will have to be very special; given my current attitude toward "Trout Lake" fishing.

If a pike, of this length (47 1/2 inches) was taken from Chew Valley - it
would be the UK record. However it wouldn't be this shape, or this fit!
Wilstone Res. - Oct 1990
No. 5 - I'm starting to stray into the realm of fantasy here - understanding the Barbel of The Kentish Stour - nowhere close, as yet!
No. 6 - Make more time to go birding - it has played such a vital role during my time in Kent - It doesn't need to be as "full-on" as it once was, but I shouldn't ignore the opportunities?
No. 7 - Get back into moths and mothing! It is a very "in vogue!" hobby in 2014 - I started 20 years ago and, back then, we were considered freaks. There is an awful lot to be said about turning that last egg box - adrenaline moments aplenty.
No.8 - learn to use my digital camera gear properly - nuff sed!
No. 9 - To discover a pike fishing haven where my vintage gear is fully able to demonstrate its worth. Where pike remain unmolested/un-educated by modern angling pressure - Worth Marshes II ; highly unlikely in 2015?
A Steve Neville prototype bite alarm.
What a piece of luck? I got two from Bob Henderson in 1993. Angling history - pure quality!
No. 10 - To see an end to the crazy intolerance of extreme political, religious, racial or sexual orientation viewpoints - on a Global Scale! Wide-eyed, blond, bimbo, so am I! If you've made it this far - Happy Christmas. I'll be back on Boxing Day - God willing?


  1. Guilty as charged Dyl! All the best to you and yours my friend...

  2. Steve - God bless! Good vibes to you, Katrina, and the clan - have a good one. Crazy that I've got a mate that I've never met - Dyl

  3. Keep up ya ramblings Dylan I enjoy following them. merry xmas to all the family.love bob wendy + tribe.

    1. Cheers Bob,
      Had Dad around for lunch and he has spoken to Auntie Gladys, this morning - she seems to be keeping remarkably well. Hoping that you, Wendy and the clan are well - I'll let you know next time we're heading up to Tims' so we can meet up for a chin-wag? Merry Christmas - Dyl