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Saturday 20 December 2014

Another blank and another red-head

Back down the RMC for pre-dawn; three rods out by 07.00 hrs with Mackerel (Yellow + flavour), Bluey (as it came) and Herring (Red + flavour). I stayed until 10.30 hrs but, wish I hadn't bothered! The water level on the Aldergate side of West Hythe dam is at least three feet below normal winter levels and the Environment Agency are still running it off. With yet another demonstration of my consistency - I blanked; not a sound from the alarms all morning.
Maybe I should go birding and just take my rods for decoration?
Once again it was left to the birds to provide any interest. A pair of Tawny Owls were duetting from the woodland adjacent to the car park and, as daylight broke, two Common Buzzards were running about on the stubble behind my swim - not something you see every day? Uncountable numbers of Wood Pigeons headed out across the marsh, I don't think they were migrants, just feeding flocks dispersing from their roost site. A few Redwing and a lone Fieldfare were the only notable thrushes, whilst Kingfisher, two Grey Wagtails and a Little Egret were the best of the supporting cast during the first hour. Scanning along the canal, as the light intensified, I was amazed to see a female-type Gossander associating with a small gang of Mallards. This week I did have my big lens with me and set off to grab a few token images. It was quite flighty, yet never went more than 300 m either side of the dam - dog walkers flushing it back and forth as they went about their task of exercising the mutt!

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