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Sunday 15 June 2014

Tight lines!

Well the waiting is over; at the stroke of mid-night the coarse season starts, on the UK rivers, for the 2014-15 season. My shifts fall perfectly and I am able to be there at the off, get a mid-night to dawn session in, and still get home for a decent kip before the call of FSIS require my presence at the factory.
A nice portrait of a barbel from the River Severn - June 30th  2013
My first session is quite likely to be a blank (always look on the bright side?) as the river has taken a right hiding during the winter floods and many of the fish holding features have been washed away and, as yet, there is very little weed growth. I had a recce on Thursday evening and found a few decent chub and also saw a couple of barbel in the one "known" swim. I didn't see much else, but that doesn't have any significance - pound to a pinch of salt there will be eels waiting in the wings for any fish meal-type baits that I attempt to introduce into my swim.

The best, so far, at 13 lbs 14 oz. It is not my target to beat this fish (although there will be no complaints
 should it happen!) I simply hope to get a better understanding of the behaviour and feeding patterns
of the barbel that live in this superb little river.

I wish all my brothers in angling; who still hold the traditional season in some esteem, all the very best on this night of nights. May Isaac smile upon your efforts and you be successful in your chosen quests. At the magic hour I'll be raising a glass to the memory of our piscatorial forefathers and embarking on the next chapter in the saga of Dylan v's the barbel of the Kentish Stour. Tight lines guys!

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  1. What a lovely fish Dylan. people forget how beautiful they are, like a shining bar of gold. I've never caught one, not living anywhere near them, but like to read tales of their anglers...Cheers Stewart