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Friday 7 February 2014

Unexpected encounter

With this, seemingly endless, wind and rain it should really be no surprise to encounter odd species in places where you'd least expect; they being displaced by the freakish conditions? So it was today, as I made my way home from work, I stumbled upon a Common Frog. It was rather lethargic and, as it was in the middle of Vine Close, I decided to pick it up and place it in the relative safety of our back garden. Frogs are certainly seen on an annual basis in/around our garden but this individual does seem a little early? We have no pond and, as far as I am aware, neither do my surrounding neighbours. It does, however, seem that Thanet supports a healthy population of these amphibians - long may it continue.

Common Frog (Rana temporaria) in the back garden 
The surrounding low lying marshes of the Ash Levels, Chislet, Marshside and Reculver are populated by the introduced Marsh Frog. Not a major problem, but they do seem to be the dominant species all along the Stour Valley - a very good food source for Grey Herons, Bitterns and Marsh Harriers - so their presence isn't without some benefit. I don't spend nearly enough time with this group of our native animals, so it was a very pleasant encounter and, as it was so unexpected, a nice change from complaining about the weather!

Marsh Frog (Rana ridibunda) on the Ash Levels - April 2009

I'm not sure what this is (Yes I know it's a frog, but what species?)
Possibly a Marsh Frog  - the photo was taken in Turkey - May 2010

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