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Wednesday 12 February 2014

I fear that it will end in tears?

There has been a "Squacco-like" heron in the West Hythe to Saltwood area for several weeks. Ian Roberts and his Folkestone website have received odd snippets from residents around the area; with supporting images. The initial Squacco id was quickly questioned and the alternative Indian, or even better a Chinese, Pond Heron thrown into the mix. Now this is where things might get interesting - an Indian Pond Heron isn't likely to be cause for little more than amusement. A Chinese Pond Heron has vagrancy potential - therefore a "tick" for those rabid individuals who seek such feathered things; "just for insurance purposes, you understand - didn't really think it was genuine!"
A Squacco Heron - Greece 2009
All the while this feathered waif remained an enigma, you seek it here - you seek it there, it wasn't a problem to those folk of Hythe and Saltwood. Now the lid's off, Martin Casemore has posted directions to a site where he has photographed the bird. Some fantastic images that aid the id of Chinese Pond Heron (as announced by Birdguides - without any doubts) so tomorrow should see the invasion of the desperate.
Birding Frontiers have fanned the flames. Good luck to Mr Garner, I wish I'd spotted that niche in the market, but please - don't feed me all that limp-wristed drivel. Birding Frontiers are all man made - birds have no concept of such things.
Another Squacco Heron, again from Greece.
The lack of orange tones on the lower mandible are a useful aid.
Back to Hythe and Saltwood - what have Ian Roberts and Co got to look forward to? Riotous behavior by a mob whose soul purpose will be to see (tick) a Chinese Pond Heron, at whatever cost. No chance of respecting the privacy of the residents, or sticking to the UK400 club code of practice - it will be a free for all as the long lens brigade charge around seeking to get ever closer.
Let's hope that my cynical swipe is way off the mark and that those who do make the journey, to see this bird, are able to enjoy the experience without impacting on the local community? I feel sure that the good folk of the area will l enjoy the experience of the school run being even more chaotic, than usual, as inconsiderate "twitchers" park in stupid places, to avoid walking. Flood water, the rush hour, a closed motor way and now this; I look forward to reading all about it and, no, I won't be going!
Scrum down - twitch on!
This was for a Fan-tailed Warbler ,at Pegwell Bay, in September 2009

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